10 must have wordpress plugins to enhance your Blog

Many newbies are joining the Blogging community everyday. In this tough competition you have to stand out and leave an impression to your readers rather than sitting and finding new ways to increase traffic. Today i am going to share with you the 10 must have wordpress plugins which will increase your blog readers considerably.

Before i tell you what those must have wordpress plugins are, i would like to inform you that these were the plugins from which i profited the most when i first started my Blog. So lets have a look at the plugins which will make your blog more interactive and socially-driven.

    1. Share: Sharing your post is very important, it can do a lot good when your content gets spread around many social networking sites. When it comes to sharing AddThis and ShareThis are undoubtedly the best sharing plugins you are ever gonna get. Make sure you integrate AddThis on the top of your post and ShareThis at the bottom of your post, like on this blog. Also consider Digg Digg (the floating widget on the left) which will always be visible to your readers whenever they had like to share your post.
    1. Comment: Comments are very important part of your blog. You should always make sure they are very easy and hassle-free. Avoid using Disqus and Intensedebate (especially newbies) as they can really impact negatively on your blog and can lose your frequent readers. Use your default theme comment system and Commentluv. Commentluv enables your readers to share one of their articles making communication mutual and reciprocative. This combination will prove a lot more effective and you will soon see new commenters on your blog. Dont forget to include Akismet to block all spam comments.
    1. About: When readers visit your blog and like your article, they will immediately wanna know whose behind this awesome blog. Once a reader identifies who you are they will remember your blog forever and even want to connect with you on other social sites to know you better. With the About Me 3000 plugin you can always make sure that your readers gets to know you easily without navigating to the About Us page.
    1. Contact: If your blog reader wants to contact you and ask you something personally, you should always have a provision of a contact form so that you can answer to their problems which will help you earn their respect. In that case Contact Form 7 is the most simple and flexible plugin you can make use of.
    1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the only way you are ever going to get listed with high ranks in Google. Making sure you use the right plugin may solve a lot of your problems and wont even you require you to worry about it later. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most talked about plugin when it comes to SEO. It is the best because i have tried a lot other plugins like All-in-one SEO and SEO Ultimate, none of them proved to be easier and smarter than Yoast.
    1. Backup: Dont you just hate it, when one day you wake up only to see your blog crashed out. Always remember with great power comes great responsibilities. There will always be bad people out there who will just be waiting for that chance to take down your blog. Never take that risk which will eventually make you realise that there never was a reset button. Install WordPress Database Backup plugin now and ensure your blog’s security.
    1. Recent posts: If you are regular in delivering articles to your blog then naturally there will also be bloggers who would interact with your blog to gain recognition. Its a nice way to give your readers a little satisfaction that the blog always provides the latest content and there’s always some interaction going on which makes your blog more lively. Recent comments and Recent posts plugins can be implemented in your blog’s sidebar to entice your readers. Related Posts Thumbnails is another plugin which you can use to display related posts under an article that will make your reader stay even longer on your blog.
    1. Facebook integration: Facebook being the top most social networking site on the planet, it is a must for you to hook up your Blog’s Facebook page on your site so that readers can immediately receive updates from your blog right into Facebook. Facebook Like Box does just that and helps your blog posts get delivered to your users on time.
    1. Feedburner: Feeds are RSS versions of your blog that is a one-stop location where all your articles are collected and stored in a single place. Many syndication systems make use of this RSS to help categorise your blog and deliver it to the right readers. Feedburner FeedSmith is a plugin that redirects all your WordPress feeds to the Google FeedBurner feed address so that readers wont have to spend any time searching for your feed address.
  1. Jetpack: Jetpack is a plugin to make your blog look more attractive. There are a lot of widgets combined into this single plugin like Twitter Widgets, Gravatar hovercards. For more information about this plugin read my post Jetpack WordPress with Gravatar Hovercards.

If you install the above said plugins, you will ensure a nice and safe blogging on WordPress for sure. There are many successful bloggers who have their own list of must have wordpress plugins, if you are one of them please do share ‘em.

Please comment if you have enjoyed this post and has helped you in any way! Any suggestions or queries are most welcome. HAPPY BLOGGING! :)

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  1. sameer Reply

    nice plugins ,but dude i think all in one seo better from other

  2. Logo design Reply

    These are really good plugins that you have shared here. The social media plugins are a must in my view. Thanks for this great post.

  3. rakesh kumar Reply

    Most of time i would like to hack my wordpress theme to implement all these features instead of implementing plugins to do these simple task.

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