20 Blogging tips every Newbie Blogger Should Follow

Here are the 20 blogging tips every newbie blogger should follow. These tips will help you in the long run and prove effective for every startup blog.

The tips shared hereby are tailored for blogging newbie’s, on how to keep first step towards blogging without any distraction. These are the most valuable tips to be followed. My personal request is to take care about the first and last tips.

1. Don’t give up at any point of time.

In other words never say never to your SEO blogging dream. Create a site for your own passionate world. Only then you will feel convenient towards your work with more topics and ideas. After reading this everybody will finally choose porn site, maybe. LOL ;)

2. Avoid duplicate contents within your site by using robots.txt. Otherwise search engine may think your own contents as spam because of duplication.

3. Accept and submit valuable comments, everything for back link. While submitting comment try to get back link by adding your blog URL.

4. Use SEO friendly theme, templates and plug-in. Only then your blog will load within few milliseconds.

5. Avoid spending time and wasting your money, knowledge, energy for useless commitments like Tv, playing, loose talks. Learn to be productive.

6. Sleep up to your satisfaction for effective production. Feel and make yourself fresh and also dont forget to take break between your works.

7. Avoid using too many keywords, images, plug-in, and Adsense ads. By following these tips you can help search engine in crawling.

8. Avoid copying. Plain copy, paste of others content is just stupidity. Find out why Blog copying is curbed seriously.

9. Use Google Webmaster Tools to avoid flaws. Sometimes unknowingly we may do some mistakes, avoid those mistakes by periodically checking into the Google Webmasters tool.

10. First be a nice reader of your own blog. To be a good writer, you need to be a good reader. So read whenever you get time and enjoy your work.

11. Develop the habit of writing new contents daily. You need to say search engine that your site is alive by submitting contents daily.

12. Expand your friendly network and niche community towards your blogging goal.

13. Do and allow guest posting. This creates a mutual relationship between two blog owners.

14. Take care of loading time of your site. The more fast it loads, the more hits your blog gets from search engines like Google.

15. Take care of text size, colour, and title. Your article should be readable and legible. Keep it Clean.

16. Give special attention to grammar. If you had the idea to became an International Blogger, your English standard is also expected up to level.

17. Tempt your reader by your content. Make site more attractive in text as well as in look, and also in sense.

18. Be a friendly blog by replying to the comments. Avoid just thanking for comments, make conversations with your commenters.

19. Take care of your Blog’s health. Always carry out timely maintenance tasks and perform tweaks once in a while.

20. Don’t get stressed. Just be cool and blog your way through.

Take care of these 20 tips to become a good blogger in the future. Best of luck to all the newbie’s.

Has this article about 20 blogging tips every newbie blogger should follow helped you? Share a comment and let us know your effective methods.


This article has been written by Dinesh. Dinesh is a self taught blogger and Internet marketer. He is currently working for wp answers discount.

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  1. Catwoman Reply

    A great collection of tips here! They were very useful, especially for me, because I am quite a newbie in blogging, thanks for sharing this important information!

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      you are welcome! keep subscribed for more such tutorials :D

      • Srikaanth Reply

        How to come up with content periodically ?
        where’s the resource ?
        please help..
        I want to start a blog on the latest happenings in the world.

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          hi srikaanth there are many resources available online. magazines,newspapers just watch for the tech column and blog about em on ur site. u can also watch tv and take posts from mashable.com while giving proper credit to them. dont just copy paste content from other sites, as thats just bad habit… write what you have experienced…if you need advise on how to write compelling content here is a nice article on that.

          • Srikaanth

            Thank you very much..Really helpful.
            By the way even i’m pursuing Engg.. (1st sem ).
            What gave you the impetus to start websites ?
            Your sites look pretty awesome…..

          • Gautam Doddamani

            thanks :) my senior noticed the talent in me. he gave me a chance to blog on his site…soon he helped me setup my website and i started bloggin. i never knew blogging would be so much fun :D

  2. Kristi Reply

    Wonderful tips, especially for a newbie like me!

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