3 Best Desktop Customization Apps for Ubuntu

Here is the list of the 3 best desktop customization apps for ubuntu operating system. If you are using Ubuntu, the most popular flavor of Linux, you must be knowing that Ubuntu can be configured in many ways. You can tweak every aspect of it, provided you have root permissions ;)

Today we will share with you the best desktop customization apps available for Ubuntu. These tweaking apps can configure your Ubuntu to behave as you want and personalize it according to your tastes.

1. Ubuntu Tweak

I have been a fan of Ubuntu Tweak since the beginning, because its very easy to use and well it also includes some special features not found in other tweaking tools.

Ubuntu Tweak can be installed via Ubuntu Software Center or you can also execute the following commands in terminal to install this app:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

After installing the app, you can launch it through Unity by searching for Ubuntu tweak.

Ubuntu Tweak tool

As you can see the app gives many options to configure. From the Overview tab, you can check ouht all the Hardware and Software specs of your system. When you click on the Apps tab, you can view all the Featured Apps. Here you can choose to install the apps you had like.

Ubuntu Tweak offers you a nice collection of applications. From Development tools like Netbeans, Eclipse and Web browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera to Media Players like VLC or Audacious, installing apps can be done within a click.

Other Tweaking Features available in Ubuntu Tweak are:

  • Change Fonts
  • Change Sound themes
  • Change Icon theme,cursor theme and window themes
  • Change Login screen backgrounds
  • Disable Lockscreens
  • Change the behavior of Unity such as the size of icons on Launcher, Launcher auto-hide, Panel opacity, etc.
  • Change the window control buttons to left/right
  • Configure your workspaces
  • Modify Nautilus context menu items
  • Manage your document templates
  • Change the default apps associated for file types

Another cool thing about Ubuntu Tweak is that it includes a Janitor too. Janitor is basically a file cleaning utility, which gets rid of unwanted files and leftovers. It can scan your system and clean out thumbnail caches and browser caches and other unneeded packages to gain extra space.

You can also view an overview of apps that can be cleaned on your PC in the Overview tab.

2. Unsettings

Unsettings is an another must have tool for Ubuntu. I am using this tool in addition to Ubuntu Tweak, because this tool has some tweaking options which are not available on Ubuntu Tweak.

Unsettings app

You can install Unsettings by copy pasting the following commands in the Terminal one by one:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:diesch/testing
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unsettings

After installing you can easily launch it using the dash. Here are some features Unsettings offers you:

  • Configure Launcher look and behavior
  • Disable online results in the Dash
  • Adjust Panel Opacity
  • Show/Hide Bluetooth and Sound indicators in the Panel
  • Change System Fonts
  • Change Window Animations
  • Enable/Disable Web apps
  • Configure the number of workspaces
  • Change Window,Icon Themes

Personally i don’t use Bluetooth so i use this app to hide the ugly Bluetooth indicator in the panel :)

3. GNOME Tweak Tool

Gnome Tweak tool is very popular in Gnome environments. This tweaking tool also offers loads of customization options and is available for Ubuntu. It can installed using Ubuntu Software Center or by:

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

You can configure your desktop, change functionality and behavior of your interface easily using this tool. Some of the unique features seen in the Gnome tweak tool are:

  • Show/Hide date in Clock
  • Choose what happens when the Laptop lid closes
  • Allow Dynamic workspaces
  • Change the default actions on titlebar
  • Disable certain keys while typing
  • Change system fonts, adjust font aliasing
  • Install Shell extensions
  • Change shell theme,icon theme and window themes
  • Change Power Button action

NOTE: Gnome tweak tool is best recommended if you are using a GNOME environment because some options such as changing shell themes is not possible if you are using Ubuntu’s Unity interface.

So these were our collection of the 3 best desktop customization apps for ubuntu. If you want to keep informed of such useful apps for your Ubuntu operating system, please subscribe to our newsletter now!

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