3 Best Screen Capture tools for your Chrome Browser

This is the collection of the 3 best screen capture tools for your chrome browser. With the myriad of tools available online capturing webpages has never been easy. Today we will share some tools which will ease up your screen capturing process, and start concentrating on much important things.

How will a Screen Capturing Tool Help You?

Screen capturing is very essential for bloggers and webmasters because we have to easily convey our idea to the audience with the help of images. So here’s where screen capturing really comes into picture.

  • Creating walkthroughs for games
  • Reviewing a new gadget
  • Teaching people how to do a certain task with the help of tutorials
  • Sharing an image on social networking sites

Once you add any of the extensions discussed below, you can begin capturing anything which is displayed on your chrome browser.

These chrome extensions can be easily installed from the Chrome Store.

1. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is my favorite tool. The icon also looks a lot stylish when it sits at the top right corner. After clicking the icon a  popup box will give you 3 options i.e. to capture visible part of the page, capture selected area or the entire page.

awesome screenshot

After you have captured it also allows you to edit it. The various tools available in the edit window are, Crop, Draw a rectangle, ellipse, arrow, line or a free line. You can also blur a part of the image and also insert text. A color picker tools is also there. When you have completed editing the pic, just click on Done.

In the next window it will ask you where to save it online or offline. For saving online there a lot of options, you can either save it temporarily on awesomescreenshot.com which will be removed after 3 days, save it permanently on Diigo.com or upload it on to your Google Drive.

You can also save the file locally on your hard drive. Other options include re-editing the image, copying it to the clipboard, and printing it.

2. Screen Capture by Google

This is a real simple tool. Unlike awesome screenshot this is far more user friendly and quick since the tool supports keyboard shortcuts. After you click on the icon the context menu holds 4 options. You can capture a page region, capture visible content, whole page or a screen region.

Yes it can capture the whole screen too. Other screen capture tools allows only to capture webpages, but the screen capture is also able to capture the whole screen by selecting the capture screen region option.

screen capture by google

After you click on any one of the options or use the keyboard shortcuts to capture automatically, you will land on the edit image page. The only con of this tool is that there aren’t many editing tools available here. Some of them are Highlighting, redacting, drawing a text or a line, that’s it.

After editing you can immediately share it to Picasa, Facebook or imgur. You can also choose to save the file locally.

If you want to edit the default keyboard shortcuts, or change your save location then click on the icon and select options.

3. Lightshot

Lightshot is yet another screen capturing tool. The unique thing about this tool is that it can take screenshot of a video, flash and java apps too. After installation just click on the Lightshot icon and select what part of the screen you want to capture.

The images will be saved in PNG format by default. You can also upload them to prntscr.com and get a link to it. You can also edit the images after capturing it.

You can test the tool while playing a flash game, it works very fine. The only caveat of this tool is that it is only compatible on Windows and Mac computers. If you are using a Linux based OS then it doesn’t work.

So these were the 3 best screen capture tools for your chrome browser. If you know of some other tools, that you use to make your screen capturing process easier you are welcome to share with us!

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  1. Nathan Reply

    Done, Awesome Screen shot has been added on… now time to play with it! Thanks for sharing some of your favorite tools!

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      good to know it worked out for you nathan…i too use the same app for capturing all my screenies :P

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