3 Creative Ways to Market a Small Business: My Personal Experience…

Today John will tell us the 3 Creative ways to market a Small Business which he found to be very helpful for him to uplift his brand career and open new channels for him!

Marketing a small business requires some touch of creativity. This has been proven by the gap between the way experienced and creative businessmen market their businesses compared to the way others do their marketing. For your marketing efforts to materialize and to know about the 3 creative ways to market a small business you have to learn to be creative with your marketing tactics.

Creative Marketing Techniques: My Personal Experience

Doing marketing for your business is one of the foundational experiences in a start-up. You need to get more people to know about your services and or products in order to recover the money you’ve invested as your capital. Many startups are too reliant on investors and you have to get the fact that investors won’t notice you until you get into the spotlight.

When I started my ‘weight watchers discounts and diet to go’ coupon business, there are ways I found out about the creativity you have to put in through, in successfully marketing a small business. And I want to share some of them with you in this article about the 3 creative ways to market a small business.

1. Create a Blog for Your Brand

Looking that most of the success companies are making money through the online medium these days, you’ll want to agree with me that the eyes of the world are moving towards the internet. Blogging being the best way to get your voice heard in an independent and unrestricted way, it is now considered a great tool to market a small business.

When I got my ‘weight watchers and diet to go’ discount business online, I tasted a great influx in sales. This was because the internet gave me a free opportunity to market my business by creating a blog. If you have internet you should have the know-how of how to make proper use of it. This point is by far the most effective in my 3 creative ways to market a small business article.

There are several platforms through which you can start a blog on the internet. You would want to use WordPress as a platform for your blog. And Google’s blogspot.com free hosting can do for you if you want a free blog, likewise wordpress.com also. But it’s strongly advised that you choose a .com domain.

2. Start Video Blogging or Podcasts

Video blogging and podcasting is a good form of blogging, it’s entertaining, creative and it also gives you the opportunity to communicate easily. You can start video blogging to get your business known to many that haven’t heard of it.

Many video bloggers are making waves on the internet, getting their businesses known to a very large amount of audience. You can start video blogging or podcasting today and take your business to the next level.

3. Create a Big Social Media Following and Market Your Brand to Them

With the advent of facebook and twitter, communication and socialization has been very great. People spend countless hours on these social media sites, many not even able to account for what they’ve done with their time.

If you can create a big social media following by making friends with a lot of people on Facebook and getting people to follow you on twitter, I bet it’s a great tool to market your business.

It has never been an easy task to get thousands of people to follow you or become your friends on facebook, but you can also promote facebook ads in order to gain publicity for your facebook page.

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