3 Must Have Business Gadgets for any Businessman

Today Vicky will tell us the 3 must have business gadgets owned by every successful businessman. These three gadgets are any man’s treasure as they easen up our daily workload and well its always nice to have coffee while reading a newspaper.

We are the gadget generation. We love any piece of technology that makes our lives easier, especially when it comes to business! Here are my top 3 must have business gadgets!

1. Portable Credit Card Reader

The Square Card credit card reader is an awesome little gadget that allows you to accept card payments via your iPhone. Simply download the Square Card app and plug the little square reader into your phone and you can use it wherever you want. Enter the transaction amount and the buyers email address using your touch screen.

Image credit: venturebeat.com

When this is done you swipe their card through the reader and they will be emailed a receipt. This gadget is a must for smaller businesses who cannot afford the monthly commitments of a card machine. You pay 2.75% per transaction with no contracts or required usage amounts. If you are someone who attends a lot of fairs or corporate events with your products then this gadget is for you!

2. Bluetooth Headset

Image credit: plantronics.com

A Bluetooth headset is an essential gadget for any busy small business owner. Make the most of every moment and increase your overall productivity by using a headset to help you multitask. Being able to utilise your daily commute for making important calls will help to free up more of your time when you arrive at the office. A good Bluetooth headset will cut down all background driving noise, respond to voice commands and even stream music!

3. iPad Projector

Image credit: ipadprojector.org

If you are someone who has to do a lot of public speaking for your work then you will really like a nifty little iPad projector. It can be horrible if you turn up to a speaking engagement with a set of essential slides only to discover that the projector doesn’t work or is not compatible with your computer. iPad projectors are very small and therefore easy to carry in your laptop bag or brief case. They allow you to focus on your presentation as opposed to having to spend time setting up complicated equipment.

So how did you like our collection of the 3 must have business gadgets? Also do tell us by a comment which gadgets you use in your daily live to get things done!


This article has been written by Vicky Dean. Vicky is an avid technology writer who specialises in the area of smart phones apps and mobile phone insurance.

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  1. Shiva @ Blogging Tips Reply

    Those are really some awesome gadgets that every business man should have although I am pretty much sure that the prices of these are a little on the upper level of the scale ;)

  2. Swamykant Reply

    I consider Bluetooth as the must gadget for businessmen

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