4 Reasons on How Mobile Phone Can Benefit You As a Student

Are you a student and confused about which gadget to buy? Here are 4 reasons on how mobile phone can benefit you and help you in your student life. Getting things done is the most important task these days, so you have to take the best decisions in life!

The importance of technology and multimedia keeps on rising every day and we’re now at a stage in our lives where more technological gadgets are being released and used, than books. We now have tablets, laptop computers and other devices focused on helping students get the best from their education.

The problem, I believe, is that too much effort has been put into other bigger and fancy devices. As far as education is concerned very few people realize how important a mobile phone can be for education.

First of all, there are several advantages to using a mobile phone, some of which are:

• It is cheap and affordable
• It is portable
• It is flexible and has several purposes
• It makes people feel involved

The reality is, besides a mobile phone, very few tech gadgets really have these features. For example, how many other kind of computers can make calls and use the internet at the same time? How many other gadget has a camera and multimedia feature that doesn’t depend on external applications? Good news is, all these facilities can be gotten from a mobile phone and that too at a very affordable price to as low as just $200.

If you’re a student who has been worrying about whether it is really necessary or not to buy a new laptop for your education I can assure you that it isn’t really necessary. I’ll be sharing a few tips with you below, the 4 reasons on how mobile phone can benefit you.

1. You Can Download and Read Ebooks on Your Mobile Phone

Are you an art student looking for a quick way to complete that new novel? Maybe you find it difficult to read a physical book for 20 minutes but you can spend hours on your mobile phone? There is good news, and that good news is that you can easily download ebooks to your mobile phone and read them whenever you want.

Most mobile phones have support for applications that enhances mobile reading and almost every new phone today supports the pdf ebook format. All you need to do is download any ebook that interests you to your mobile phone and start reading whenever it is convenient for you.

2. Use Your Mobile Camera to Take Pictures for Projects

Maybe you’re about to go to an event to help contribute to your project and you need pictures to help you score a better mark. Why waste your time worrying about how to get that new digital camera when you can easily use the mobile camera you have with you always.

Yes, the hard reality is that your mobile camera won’t be as sharp as the latest digital camera in town but you need to ask yourself if it is really necessary to have the brightest picture you can get. I think it is enough as long as your picture is easy to read and refer, and something like that can be made possible with almost any mobile phone. This is no doubt the best reason in the 4 reasons on how mobile phone can benefit you, as a laptop camera is simply no match to a portable camera found in smarphones.

3. Subscribe to the Internet to Save Money When Researching

One thing that surprises me more is how much a lot of students spend in the café, researching a project when they can easily perform the same research on their mobile phones. Researching your latest project shouldn’t be anything complicated and things are starting to get easier with mobile support from major service providers online.

In fact, I’m speculating that mobile will hold more influence online than normal internet usage in a few decades so you can expect everybody to get on board.

Don’t let your mobile phone’s features lay waste. Get your ISP to help you enable the internet on your mobile phone to start using your mobile internet for basic research, only go to the café when you need to print something. This is one of the top reason in the 4 reasons on how mobile phone can benefit you as internet is very beneficial for students and that is something you don’t want to miss.

An added advantage of this is that most ISPs offer free mobile internet and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a SIM Only plan or on a standard plan, you can still get internet access on your mobile phone, sometimes for free too!

4. Use Your Mobile Phone as a Management Tool

You can also get the best from your mobile phone by using it as a management tool. By this I mean you can use it for advanced management and result tracking. Some basic management functions your mobile phone can help you with are time management, to-do list, task/project organizer and even a notepad. You will need an app for some of these functions but there are also mobile phones that come with basic functions that allow these by default. Check with your mobile phone to see what you can do and install an app if necessary.

Did you find this article about 4 reasons on how mobile phone can benefit you helpful? Please share your views with us.


This guest article is written by Paul. Paul is a mobile expert that helps people find the best SIM Only contracts.

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