4 Rumored Features of the iPhone 5 – Bigger Display, iOS 6, 4G and more

Its about time to check out the 4 rumored features of the iphone 5 which has really cool additions this time such as iOS 6, 4G connectivity and a larger screen compared to the iphone 4s.

Apple never ceases to amaze me and everybody else by updating its devices with many exciting features and functions and thus, I am eagerly waiting for the launch of its latest device, which may be the iPhone 5. If rumors are to be believed, the sixth generation iPhone might release in June 2012 or October 2012.

Although no one can confirm the features which will set the iPhone 5 apart from the iPhone 4S, there are already numerous speculations being made, based upon the leaks from anonymous sources and suppliers.

4 rumored features of the iphone 5

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Some of these speculations however, do give an overall idea of what we can expect from the upcoming device. Let us look at 4 rumored features of the iPhone 5 and the new functions it is likely to have:

A thinner, lighter device

As per rumored reports, the iPhone 5 might use ‘in-cell touch’ – a new touch screen technology. This could be used to make the device thinner by about 0.44 mm and reduce the overall thickness by less than 8mm.

But it is also likely, that the iPhone 5 might just introduce a bigger battery, with a better life and capable of running the 4G LTE, and a larger display screen. These two factors can result in making the device thick instead of the other way round, by using up the saved space.

There are also rumors regarding Apple using Liquidmetal, to design the iPhone 5, which can make it more lightweight.

Increase in display screen size

You may be able to ‘get the bigger picture’ with the iPhone 5 literally, as Apple might increase its screen size. Reportedly, Apple might design the 6th generation of iPhone, with a 4-inch display screen to compete with other smartphones, which have screens falling in the 4.3 inches to 5.3 inches range.

This upgrade will not restrict users from enjoying the use of this smartphone as it may provide same aspect ratio and can be used the same way as before, supporting one-hand operations.

4G LTE Connectivity and Processor

iPhone 5 is likely to have 4G LTE support. The 4G LTE connectivity has tremendous speed, much greater than the 3G connections. It could be offered by a certain number of carriers initially, for the iPhone 5 devices.

The new iPad, launched earlier this year, already has 4G LTE connectivity. Thus, this fact makes this rumor, stronger than all other rumors out there.

Unveiling iOS 6

The new version of the iPhone might have an updated version of the iOS as well. Although Apple has not officially announced anything, we can still wait for the WWDC 2012, coming up in June, where it might introduce the iOS 6.

The new updated iOS can provide many interesting tweaks to the iPhone 5 features. For instance, with the iOS 6, there might be significant enhancements made in Siri, which may have the ability to open applications, tell updated match scores and much more.

All these features are eagerly looked forward to by people, all over the globe, who are excited by the prospect of a new iPhone device.

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