5 Must Have Android Apps For Bloggers On The Move

These must have android apps for bloggers might just be the most goto collection you were looking for as a professional blogger. It is said that blogging is only for the passionate few. If you are totally crazy for blogging, then chances are that you will make it bigger.

For the passionate and dedicated bloggers, the urge to post and update can occur any time. One of my friends is so engrossed in blogging, that he literally blogs even while stranded in a traffic jam.

However, if such passion and dedication is embedded within you, but you are not sure how to proceed, then this post may help you to overcome the challenges.

Presented below are the top 5 must have android apps for bloggers (short for applications) which can help a blogger become mobile, flexible and effective.

1) WordPress: Imagine you are watching a movie and one particular song caught your imagination. You feel the need to immediately share your experience and your insights with your eagerly waiting readers. The official WordPress app can do the trick for you.

Must have android apps for bloggers - wordpress

All you need to do is install this app from the official Google Play store and then start using the app to upload blogs along with pictures, videos and graphics. If you are a WordPress lover, then this free application is a must for your arsenal.

2) Tumblr: This one is a real beauty, if you can appreciate it! Tumblr, the second biggest blogging platform after WordPress is now a rage among the more creative and design oriented bloggers.

If you want total control over your blogging experience, then this app is the one which can truly entice you. With almost zero bugs and amazing features, this is one is my favourite.

3) Lightbox: Lightbox is the newest and shiniest Android application, built exclusively for sharing and uploading pictures. Former Google and Youtube product manager Thai Tran is the brain behind this stunning application.

If taking pictures and sharing them is your forte, then choose Lightbox, and totally transform your mobile blogging experience.

4) Evernote: You must be living under the rocks if you haven’t heard about Evernote. It’s revolutionary software, which can redefine the way blogging is done. A hugely popular desktop and online tool, Evernote is now available on Android as well.

With 11 million passionate users, Evernote is the best app to do blogging on the move. With an interactive and user friendly user interface, Evernote is the last thing you will be required to become an ‘efficient’ mobile blogger.

5) Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a utility app mainly targeted for social media. There is a dashboard available in Hootsuite, which can be effectively used to manage your content distribution across the biggest social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Must have android apps for bloggers - hootsuite

If you aim is to eventually become a good and fast mobile blogger, then Hootsuite can immensely help you. Using this free Android app, you can easily share your blog with your social media friends and fans.

And believe me, this is just a trailer. With more advancement in technology and introduction of better user interface, contemporary bloggers can expect to view more and more such beautiful and useful apps for blogging. So pack your bags, charge your camera, and get set go with these awesome must have android apps for bloggers!


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