5 Things you should do after Publishing a New Post

These are the 5 things you should do after publishing a new post so that your content spreads among your peers and community. Being a successful blogger not only involves writing unique and quality articles but it also gives you plus points if you know how to market it.

Here are the 5 steps you should take just after clicking the Publish button:

1. Ping your feed, sitemap and search engines

Pinging is nothing but notifying search engines that there is a new article on your blog. But you may think pinging each and every search engine manually will take a lot of time. This is not as hard as it sounds.

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and bookmark each of those pinger sites, so that the next time you visit those sites, your blog will automatically be pinged.

Additionally you should also ping your sitemap file so that search engines can then index your content. Also take a step to double check if your latest post is included in your sitemap and site feeds by visiting the url, so that people don’t find blank content if they were to check out your RSS feed.

2. Share your post on social networks

This is pretty basic stuff. After you publish a blog post, you should immediately start sharing it on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter so that people find your content.

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Automatically sharing posts is also a good technique if you don’t like the arduous task of logging into each and every social network and manually sharing your article. There are quite a few good services and apps out there to take care of autosharing your articles on social networks.

And don’t forget to share your articles on the official pages of your company such as your company Facebook page, Google+ page etc. , as that’s where your blog’s real community resides.

If you have enabled Google analytics on your site, login to the analytics dashboard and check out the real time data after sharing it on social networks. You will be amazed of how many people will be reading your articles.

3. Send out newsletters

If you have enabled daily newsletters for your site, then your subscribers would definitely want to know if a new post has been published.

You must be knowing as a Blogger, that we check our mails many times a day. With the introduction of Gmail apps for smartphones and tablets, people get alerted every time they receive a mail, with instant notifications. What if your newsletter was one of those notifications?

Don’t you think people would take a peek then? Say they find some informative content in it, then they would definitely check it out!

That’s why newsletters have been an important source of communication whenever you wanted to get the word out. If you offer a Daily newsletter service then its a win-win.

Depending on your mailing service, turn on the option to send newsletters automatically whenever a new post has been published.

4. Use Commentluv to share your link

You are smart enough to know that commenting on other blogs is a good technique to let people know that you are a loyal reader too. By doing this, they will also feel the need to reciprocate back, and thus will end up making a comment on your blog.

Naturally they will go over to your homepage and click on the most recent article and drop a comment. You can use this idea with the added power of Commentluv to drive traffic to particular posts.

If you know about some Commentluv enabled blogs, take the extra step of commenting on those blogs and sharing the link of your latest posts. Now people will directly click on the article you have shared with your comment. Isn’t it a good idea?

Commenting on good PR sites obviously means there will be a great deal of discussion going on, in each of their posts, which in turn will help you get your article noticed among other fellow readers.

5. Buffer your Posts

Its impossible to reach everyone at the same time. Once you share an article, only the people who are online right now will see your update. By using smart and intuitive apps such as Buffer, Hootsuite or Crowdbooster you can schedule your posts, so that people who don’t find your posts right now, will definitely find it some time later.

I have personally found this idea work, because most of my audience is from US and as the time zones of both the countries are different, Buffer does the job of updating the feed at the right time.

The Buffer app also integrates well with Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you grab the Buffer app extension for Chrome the next time you are thinking to schedule an update!

By following these 5 points, you can take your Blogging potential to the next level. If you have some more to add, feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear your ideas as well.

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  1. Mridula Reply

    Hi Gautam

    Thanks for sharing this post. I am new in blogging and I always keep on searching for good content on web for blogging tips. What I learnt from this post is to ping each post that I add to my blog. I never did this before but now I will definitely do it. Keep up the good work!

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      happy to help mridula and thanks for subscribing..i am sure you will like my other articles too! :)

  2. Rudd Reply

    Already did most of them, except the newsletter. Thinking of starting collecting mail list this spring/summer.

    How about sharing or submitting to community website? Such as blokube and blogengage. I believe that would be very helpful too.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thank you for sharing your valuable insight rudd…i believe that’s a great idea for bloggers, blokube and blogengage are both excellent platforms for article exposure! :)

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