7 Free Social Media Scheduling Apps To Help Live Your Life as a King

Here are our top 7 free social media scheduling apps to help you manage time more efficiently and concentrate on what matters most. Everyday there are many social media networks being launched, each one of them trying to be better than the other. With this increase, businesses are busy setting up their domain in each one of them to capture their audience.

7 free social media scheduling apps

Managing every single one of them is a very arduous task and there needs to be some kind of automation. This is where scheduling apps come in. Instead of logging in to each one of them and manually sharing your posts, we can login to just one tool and share our posts on multiple networks at the same time.

We have mentioned below the top 7 free social media scheduling apps which we believe to be helpful to you and your clients.

1. Buffer App

Buffer app is by far the best scheduling tool you can ever get your hands on. It offers you the most detailed analytics for the shared post like number of comments, likes, shares and the total reach of your post.

Currently, Buffer only supports posting on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Buffer also supports link shortening for your tweets and you can also invite your friends to manage your Buffer.

Recently Buffer also added the feature to schedule retweets to help you keep your timeline always full and, did i tell you it is a Free app? Of course if you want to put more posts in your Buffer and connect more than 5 accounts, you can go for the Awesome plan which costs $10/month.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is second best scheduling app after Buffer and does a pretty fine job. You can select at what times you want to schedule your posts, same as Buffer but Hootsuite has an Autoschedule feature too which sends your message for optimal impact.

If you find scheduling each update to be cumbersome you can also use the Bulk message uploader, but for this you need to upgrade to Hootsuite Pro Plan which costs $9.99/month.

You can also use Hootsuite analytics feature to see how your links were doing and measure your follower growth, best keywords, and most popular links (based on the no. of clicks).

Currently, Hootsuite supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Foursquare and WordPress and even has support for RSS feeds.

3. Social Oomph

Social oomph can be thought of as an all-in-one twitter managing tool. Although it supports more than just Twitter, like Facebook, Linkedin and also query your RSS feed to find new posts. I say all-in-one because it offers way more functionality for Twitter users. The functions are way too many to list all of them out here, but some of them that you get with the Free plan are:

  • Schedule your tweets whenever you want
  • Track keywords that are doing well for you
  • Extended profiles which enables you to write long bio of yourself
  • Delete all your twitter tweets and direct messages
  • Secure twitter access using oAuth and
  • the ability to setup and manage unlimited twitter accounts

It has also got a nice analytic tool which shows the click summary. These are the features you get in the Free plan but for a list of all other cool features in its Professional plan which costs you $35.94/month, please visit the site.

4. Facebook Post Scheduler

Yes for people who are figuring which tool to use for automation on Facebook, the social network has got its own post scheduling feature. If you would like to know more about it, we have discussed it in this article:

Read: How To Schedule and Promote a Post on Your Facebook Page

Just visit your profile and click inside the post editor box where you send out updates. You will notice a small alarm clock icon, just click it and set the date and time when you want your post to go live.

Set it and forget it. In case you want to change the date and time or wish to delete the scheduled post all together, just visit your profile page and click on Activity Log. Here you can manage all your scheduled posts.

5. dlvr.it

dlvr.it is also a well known automation service but it offers way too less features in its free plan. I am listing it here because it is worth the mention and people who can do without any analytics might find this as a better option.

The Basic plan gets you 5 Feeds, 3 social profiles and feeds are updated every 30 minutes. dlvr.it supports Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles but the Pro plan allows you to post to Google+ pages too.

dlvr.it also has a nice feature called Stacks which drips (sends out updates) on an optimised daily schedule. Of course this feature along with Analytics is only available in the Pro and higher plans. The Pro plan costs you $9.99/month.

6. TweetDeck

Tweetdeck app allows you to schedule posts as well. This app is best popular as a Twitter client, and also since the micro-blogging service owns it. Tweetdeck supports Twitter as well as Facebook.

Posts can be scheduled in Tweetdeck using the Compose button. Just write a status update and click on the clock icon, set a date and time and forget it. However there is absence of the much needed autoscheduler feature. Wonder why twitter didn’t make that happen.

As far as analytics goes, there is no sign of it in Tweetdeck, but the good news is Twitter analytics are free to use. If you didn’t know Twitter recently made the announcement that everyone is free to track their Twitter analytics. They can review their performance and analyse their follower growth, etc.

Tweetdeck is and always will be free.

7. LaterBro

LaterBro is as funny as it sounds and as basic as it can get. This service allows you to post links as they are with no functionality to add images. Unlike PostRocket, it doesn’t allow you to change the branding, like the term, via LaterBro.com appears beneath the post with a link to the site.

It behaves similar to as Ping.fm did which was later acquired by Seesmic and which was in turn acquired by Hootsuite. LaterBro supports posting to only Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also make the scheduled updates repeat (re-occurence) at different timings.

Like Twitter, LaterBro also has limitation on the number of characters in a tweet, so 140 characters might just be enough to convey your message. If not, then you can make use of LaterBro’s URL shortener. So much for making things simple!

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