8 Best Android Apps for Photo editing and Photo sharing

Today we will reveal to you the best android apps for photo editing and photo sharing. We have managed to grab the top photo editing apps from the Android Market and list out all of them for you.

Android phones make great tools for photography, but they disappoint many users when the time comes for them to manage the photos they take. To help Android users from all walks of life enjoy their phones more, we found 8 of the best photograph management apps for Android listed here. With these apps, users can create galleries, access online photos, edit photographs and share them with friends.

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1. Just Pictures!

Android users who want to see photos from Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and DeviantART will love JustPictures! Its ability to pulling photos from almost every major platform on the Web makes it a high-demand app. This app has a full-screen browsing mode and supports slideshows, live wallpaper, geotag mapping and more. Unlike some photo-management apps, Just Pictures! is fast enough to run on both old and new Android phones. JustPictures! app for Android is free to download from the Android Market. This app is highly recommended in our best android apps for photo editing.

2. Facebook

The free and official Facebook app for Android allows users to share photos directly from their phone. The app also allows users to browse through other Facebook photo galleries as well. Download the latest version of Facebook app for Android and start managing photos on your phone today.

3. Flickr Droid

This Android app comes as a free trial version and also as a paid, premium app. Flickr Droid has some basic editing features and a complete photo management solution for downloading and uploading of photos. Flickr Droid helps users find their friends photographs on Flickr. It also lets you add titles, descriptions and titles to your photos, providing for a comprehensive platform for mobile photo sharing. Those who try this app and like it, can buy the full version for $1.99 at AndroidZoom.com.

4. UberSocial

Formerly known as Twidroyd, UberSocial outfits users with a Twitter client and photo management tool. Twitter users can use this free app to attach links and captions to photos while sharing them on the micro-blogging platform. Users can download UberSocial for Android free app to their Android phones from Android Market.

5. BettrFlickr

This Flickr client costs $1.99 from Android Market, but it offers more features than free Flickr clients. It handles groups, tagging, activity notifications and location search. Serious Flickr users must have this photograph management solution. Download BettrFlickr  for Android

6. Photobucket Mobile

The free Photobucket app for Android phones provides an interface to users of Photobucket accounts, allowing them to manage and share all their photos and albums with ease. With this app, users can search for photos and videos from their phone or tablet. Users can download this app from Android Market.

7. Adobe Photoshop Express

Who could discuss photo management software without mentioning Photoshop, one of the most well-known names in digital photography? A powerful free app for Android gives users the power to touch-up, crop and customize photographs on their mobile platform. Users even have access to special effects to add to their images as they synchronize them with their online Photoshop accounts. This easily is the top app in our best android apps for photo editing collection. Photoshop for Android also includes sharing tools.

8. Photo BURST

In its “Pro” version, Photo BURST can share photographs with social media, but it also has extensive photo editing tools. For $1.99, users can get professional results from Photo BURST Pro app for Android that few other apps can match. This is one of the major contenders in our best android apps for photo editing. A free version of Photo BURST comes with limited features.

Android users who want to get more productivity and pleasure from their phone should try all 8 of the best android apps for photo editing listed here. Give them all a test drive and then keep the ones you like the most.

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