Adding Clean Affiliate Links in WordPress with Pretty Link Lite

Ever thought about adding clean affiliate links in wordpress rather than those really long and creepy links given by the affiliate marketing companies? This article will tell how to do just that by using a handy wordpress plugin called Pretty Link Lite.

How Do People Link to their Affiliates generally?

If you are reading this article then you might have already enrolled in as an affiliate for a major company. After doing so, they give you a unique url containing a random string of characters which will then become your affiliate link to that product.

What you do is, copy that link in its raw format and simply paste it in your blog post or in your site’s footer to start earning money! Right? Wrong!

The above method is very unhealthy and is considered spammy by the blogging community. Here’s why it is spammy.

What people normally do when they are about to click on a link is, they hover over it and if they think the link is a legitimate one, they go ahead and click on it. If you give them a shady url to click on, do you think that they will make the click?

Exactly! Here’s an example of what a clean link looks like and what a spammy link looks like.

Difference between a Clean and a Spammy Affiliate Link

Clean and Healthy Affiliate Link

A Shady Link (Spam)

Now which link do you think your readers will click on? No doubt, the first one!

Which Plugins are the Best for Affiliate Linking?

There are many wordpress plugins to convert your affiliate links to clean and healthy links but most of them are premium (paid) options, such as the widely used MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate and SEO Smart Links Premium.

The price of these plugins are very high! The MBP Ninja starts at $37 and the Smart Links personal edition starts at $79. Personally i think the prices are slightly overpriced and a beginner can’t afford those plugins, although they do have many advantages over a free plugin!

For people who have just started blogging, i strongly recommend the Pretty Link Lite plugin. Its easy to setup and takes just a few clicks to get your own pretty affiliate link. Here’s how to get started.

Steps for Adding clean affiliate links in WordPress

Step 1: Install the Pretty Link Lite wordpress plugin.

Step 2: There will be a new tab visible in your wordpress sidebar called Pretty Link. Click on it to start adding your affiliate links.

Step 3: First things first, go to Pretty link options to configure your plugin for the first time. Please make the changes as shown in the screenshot below.

Adding clean affiliate links in wordpress - pretty link options page

Click on image to enlarge

Step 4: Now simply click on add a new link. Make sure the redirection type is 307 temporary. Specify the target url (Remember this is the url given by your affiliate company, also known as shady link) in the field.

Step 5: Next enter the pretty link you want (This is the link you want your visitors to see when they hover over your affiliate url, also known as clean link) in the field.

Best technique: Use


Here google is the affiliate company you are representing. Just replace google with the affiliate company name.

Adding clean affiliate links in wordpress - pretty link create

Step 6: Give it a nice title to go with such as Google. This is the word which will then be seen in your blog posts or wherever you will use your affiliate links.

Step 7: In the Options tab below, check the box that says nofollow this link.

NOTE: You should never make your affiliate links as dofollow or your blog will be penalized by google and other search engines.

If you want to enable tracking, just click the checkbox that says track hits on this link. Finally hit the Create button after you have finished!

Voila! Your affiliate link has now been created.

How to use your new affiliate links?

Every time you wish to use an affiliate link in your blog posts, just use the pretty link and it will automatically be redirected to your affiliate page. Wasn’t that easy?

Check out our affiliate links!

We are also using the Pretty Links Lite plugin. Want to see it in action? Check out our site footer. You will find our affiliate links for HostGator and a few others too.

Enjoyed this post? Did you get some knowledge about adding clean affiliate links in wordpress then drop us a word! Also tell us which plugins are you using for your affiliate links.

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