Alexa Toolbar Updated to 3.0: New Features Introduced

Today alexa toolbar updated to 3.0. Many of you who do not know, alexa toolbar is an extension for your browsers which helps gather site rank and traffic data for sites on the internet.

This toolbar also displays the global alexa rank of any site you visit. Often used by Bloggers and webmasters, to measure their alexa rank on a day to day basis, this tool also helps marketeers and advertisers to promote their products on high traffic sites easily by looking at the rank in the alexa toolbar.

Alexa Toolbar updated to 3.0 - new version

Sometimes this tool is also used by site owners to increase their daily pageviews, all in all the alexa toolbar is a one stop solution to measure a site’s popularity and to get a specific site’s information right from from within the toolbar.

So onto the latest information, alexa toolbar got an uplift, as of today the official alexa extension has been updated to 3.0 and here’s some tidbits on what features were introduced in this version.

1. Toolbar requires more permissions to run now

Here are some of the new permissions at a glance.

 Alexa Toolbar updated to 3.0 - new permissions to run

Some may find this a tad bit intruding because now it will to access your data on every site you visit. These days our private information is being tracked (one or the other way) by each and every application we use. You grant access to your personal details to 3rd party services (sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly) and pretty soon your data gets compromised.

Not to scare you off, but these are the facts. Although i rely on Alexa. The company is a very trusted one, and your personal details will not be used for shady purposes.

2. Addition of a Floating Bar

The 3.0 version has a floating bar at the top. When you click the Alexa icon, the toolbar pops out and it stays there even when you scroll the page. When i visit or write a post in wordpress, it hides the admin bar completely.

This is definitely a bug, and should be fixed immediately. The previous version was a lot decent looking, a popup gave us immediate statistics and it did not take the whole page for displaying it, just occupied a small corner in the top right part of the browser.

3. Easy access to links

In the 3.0 version, there are a lot of links available such as the alexa traffic button which when clicked goes to and shows you detailed information about that particular site. You can also begin writing a review for any site by clicking the write a review button. The five stars will tell you how many reviews a site has received from its users.

There are also a lot helpful links such as the what’s hot icon gives you a list of the most popular articles right now and also the magnifying glass icon lets you know what and who’s trending currently. If your site is linked to by other sites you can see them by click the related links icon.

When you click the alexa icon in the toolbar you can navigate to the various alexa pages such as alexa site tools etc. A link to sign in page would have been very helpful.

4. Organize and Add 3rd Party buttons

You can also change the layout of buttons on the toolbar by clicking the organize button from the gears icon in the toolbar. 3rd Party buttons such as Facebook, Gmail and Twitter are already available. You can make use of them to immediately jump to that site using the toolbar. This is a very helpful feature.

5. The In-Built Web Search box

The big web search box that you see in the toolbar is powered by google. You can now search for things from within the toolbar or change the default search to wikipedia or amazon.

These were the important features of the new alexa toolbar. Let us know if you are currently using the alexa toolbar and also which version do you like the most? The previous one or the new one?

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