Ashampoo Burning Studio 10

We use a variety of softwares for our daily burning of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. When it comes to burning CDs, Nero is the talk of the town. I have used Nero for 5 years and never found a problem except its rather slow loading time. While burning DVDs too, i have found the time taken to burn 1 DVD of 4.7 GB is 30 minutes.


Is Nero the No. 1?

 If you believe Nero is the worldwide best, well i must say you are wrong. There’s always a second best that people never try to experience. In this case it is the Ashampoo Burning Studio 10. I place this in the No. 1 slot for my daily burning needs. I have used Ashampoo for over an year and i m so impressed by the software that i never reverted back to Nero.


Why Ashampoo?


Recently many companies incorporated HD burning capabilities such as PowerDVD, Nero and now Ashampoo too. HD  Burning simply means the software can convert all your favourite movies to HD (720p) and Full-HD (1080) Blu-Ray formats.
The reason i stress upon adopting Ashampoo is because it burns nicely (well buddy whats new in that? even Nero burns it nicely) lol! Well no, actually thats not the real reason, the actual reason is that Ashampoo simply burns everything faster.


Ashampoo vs Nero

Nero vs Ashampoo


The loading and burning times of the software is really quick. I burned the same 4.7GB DVD in Ashampoo in 20 minutes. Ashampoo also loads its files in under 5 seconds even on slow computers whereas Nero 10 takes 20 seconds! Nero’s interface is complicated. Nero StartSmart launches particular burning applications separately in a new window, thus consuming more system memory and increasing load time whereas Ashampoo burns all your stuff in a single universal easy to use interface.

Do you think these reasons are enough to switch over to Ashampoo? I think Yes. What are your thoughts, please comment and share your ideas.

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  1. Chethan Reply

    When it comes to Burning a CD/DVD. i always use Nero.. My CD/DVD Driver manufacturer LG, had also given me PowerDVD Suite, whose performance is also good. I have heard about Ashampoo and was very much amused with its name as it ends with “shampoo” :) You have given more points to ashampoo over nero.. then it has to be some killer product!

  2. Gautam Doddamani Reply

    Thank a lot for the comment Chethan! your joke about ‘shampoo’ is quite funny. :) yes i agree LG company always ships its DVD writers with a free Power DVD Suite. But commercial products outperform free software because of their additional functionalities! in my opinion maybe NERO is still the no.1 but not quite the best!

  3. bradix Reply

    i agree…ashampoo is superior than nero..i have used it for 5 years already..

  4. dewald p, montgomery Reply

    Absolutely. I’ve upgraded to Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 and haven’t been disappointed ever. I did use Nero for a few years, but it’s latest product download is hefty, it’s interface is slow, and I’ve somehow managed to burn coasters in Nero – and not a single coaster with Ashampoo. That could have been related to the quality of the DVD’s used, but still ABS11 managed not to flop them. ABS11 also has a cool desktop gadget which doesn’t really slow my system down. So I recommend ABS11 to all my clients and friends. I won’t be installing or using Nero any time soon.

  5. veyseloglu Reply

    ashampoo is the best. also nero is good but it is too slow. i prefer ashampoo to others.

  6. veyseloglu Reply

    i forgot to say, ashampoo burning studio 11 relased few weeks ago. I like this, it’s more faster than ash burning stdio 10! I have burned DVD-RW with burning studio 11 and nero 10. burning studio 11 is faster than nero 10 multimedia suite.

    visit for more ashampoo producs.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanks will check out ashampoo 11..i am a big fan of its products..even hdd control and internet accelerator by ashampoo are good ones :)

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