Best Places to Buy Themes for your New WordPress Site

Here is a collection of the best places to buy themes for your new wordpress site. If you have recently bought a domain, then you definitely need to go for WordPress as your content management system, since it is being used and recommended by millions of bloggers.

Theme is a very necessary part of a site. Without a theme a blog has no look or appearance. By default, wordpress already gives you a basic theme to start on with, but don’t make it as your primary theme.

Now i hope you know what a theme is, and what is its importance to your site. Let’s check out where you can find the best wordpress themes.

But before hopping on the theme explorer train, you might want to check out the things you need to know while buying your very first theme.

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a tour of the finest wordpress themes

Here is a list of all the sites where you can find the latest wordpress themes:

1. Studiopress

Studiopress is the largest and the most renowned developer of themes for WordPress. Studiopress created the Genesis theme framework, with which it is easy to build professional looking websites. There are many child themes available in the studiopress marketplace for you to choose from.

Search engine optimisation in genesis themes is second to none. You won’t even need to use a third party plugin for handling SEO. The design of genesis themes is what catches the eye. Beautiful themes and fonts such as Oswald will leave you spellbound. These themes are also very secure and use the best practices.

Genesis themes uses a concept known as child themes. Child themes makes it easy to customise our theme without any hassle. There is also support for custom widgets. A standard genesis child theme costs you $29.95 and the Genesis framework alone will cost you $59.95. You can buy the theme+framework for $79.95.

NOTE: You can’t activate a genesis child theme without the framework.

If you develop websites for your clients and want access to all the themes created by studiopress, i recommend you to buy the Pro Plus package instead of an individual child theme.

Theme updates are frequent. Studiopress has both, support for its framework as well as its child themes. Once you buy a genesis theme you get unlimited support and updates.

2. DIY Themes

DIY and Studiopress have a neck to neck competition. DIY themes was founded by Chris Pearson. He gave birth to a framework known as Thesis. Thesis framework already comes with Pre-made themes for you to choose from, such as Thesis Classic.

When it comes to SEO, Thesis themes beats Genesis. The theme structure is coded in such a way, that it loads the blog faster. New standards such as Markup schema has been incorporated into the Thesis framework to understand your content better.

While DIY isn’t the right place to get a thesis skin, unless you like the default ones, there are other places where you can find the most awesome, highly converting skins for this very powerful framework.

To name some, there is:

Unlike Studiopress, DIY themes has support for only its framework. Theme support is given by the respective theme developers. Theme updates are less frequent compared to Studiopress.

A Basic license priced at $87 will get you Thesis 2.0 along with 1 year of free updates and unlimited support but i recommend you to go for the Developer license which is a bit pricey rated at $197 but gets you the framework, two premium skins, unlimited support and updates.

3. Elegant Themes

Elegant themes are very popular, mostly because they offer such high quality themes at such a cheap price. You can find a theme for almost all category, be it responsive, magazine like, blog or personal, they have it all.

These themes uses an options panel known as epanel where you can control every aspect of the theme. Adjust the layout, change theme colors, manage your ads, do some SEO optimization right within the panel.

In short, if you don’t like touching the code or messing up something, then elegant themes should be your choice as its interface is very self explanatory and user friendly.

Pricing for elegant themes is yearly i.e. the fee is recurring annually. Both personal and developer license gets you support for one year. But if you want complete access to every premium plugin they make, better check out the Developer option. Updates to themes are released regularly.

4. Themefuse

Themefuse is known for creating quality professional themes. You can find both free themes and premium themes in their gallery. These themes also comes with a framework known as Fuse framework. Its just like the ePanel we saw in Elegant themes with powerful SEO features built-in. You can configure every aspect of the theme from the backend.

If you are interested to buy a theme, but would like to try it first, there’s a provision for that too. You can log in to the Themefuse test labs, and take it for a spin!

Premium themes pricing starts from $49 which also gets you a standard license for themefuse. Standard license includes free theme updates and support. Every theme comes with necessary documentation to help you set it up.

You can also go in for the Developer license, with which you can setup themes on as many sites as you want.

Themefuse also includes a special club membership package. Basically this is just like Studiopress pro plus package, where you get access to all the existing themes and the themes they create in the future at the cost of $17/month.

5. Mythemeshop

Mythemeshop themes have become my favorite lately. They make some of the most finest wordpress themes and price it very reasonably. I think they are cheaper than their competitors. Each theme costs a mere $35 only.

Sometimes they also offer special discount coupons. If you are reading this article when it was published, avail the Cyber Monday offer, where you get 40% off on all themes.

These themes include an options panel as seen in elegant themes and themefuse with which you can customize your theme easily without touching the code. The social media buttons of all the popular social networks comes built-in. You can also manage your ads without any hassle.

The provision of adding custom widgets, displaying related posts, redirection of feeds, lightbox effects for photos, eliminates the need to install third party plugins altogether. All mythemeshop themes are responsive, meaning they are mobile friendly.

Once you purchase a mythemeshop theme, you will get lifetime support and free theme updates. Necessary theme documentation comes included. Recently they have also included a club membership license, with which you can get lifetime access to all themes made.

6. Woothemes

Woothemes themes are geared towards an ecommerce type of website. They are widely known in providing the best high quality themes in the wordpress industry. Woothemes also boasts of its extensive framework known as wooframework.

Wooframework consists of a wide set of options to run your website smoothly. The custom shortcodes gives you the ability to add buttons and widgets in your post on the fly. The thumbnails are designed to scale your uploaded images automatically to fit your theme.

The framework also gives you the ability to setup your own branding for customers. If you are a developer in charge of setting up themes on your client’s sites, you can change logo and images found in the wootheme options panel to reflect your company image.

There are wide set of layout options available for each theme such as full-width, 2 column left, 3 column right, etc. Woothemes also gives you the option to mange your ads with the help of custom widgets. Widgets such as Twitter, tabbed widgets come built into the framework. There is also support for Google fonts. All the themes are fully responsive as well.

As soon as you purchase a standard package which costs $70, you will be entitled to add 2 bonus themes to your cart for free. The standard license gives you one year of free updates and support (although you can upgrade it to lifetime for just $30) and the theme can be used on unlimited number of domains.

7. Themeforest

Themeforest has the largest collection of themes. It is managed and founded by the Envato network. There are themes available for all the popular platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

There are a wide variety of themes ranging from a Corporate, Buddypress theme to an eCommerce theme. You even get themes for the Genesis Framework.

Themeforest is nothing but a place to sell themes. Any theme author can market his/her premium theme. Every theme is priced accordingly, determined by many factors such as quality and demand. So the price for a regular license varies with themes.

Support is provided by the theme developers. Necessary documentation is provided for every theme, on how to edit it, and manage it.

8. Headway themes

Headway is famous for its unique drag and drop framework knows as Headway Base. It is similar to, as seen in Google Blogger’s website builder. You just drag and drop a page element such as widgets or header area in the container and setup your page layout as you wish.

The individual page elements are called Blocks in headway lingo. You can customize a block (such as add color, change fonts) easily using the the design editor.

The SEO functionality comes built-in with the framework. You can set site-wide SEO and also change SEO on a per post basis. Headway also shows you a preview of the Google snippet, of how your post will look in search results.

Headway themes uses the concept of parent and child themes, like Studiopress themes. These themes are all responsive, has HTML5 as the default doctype and offers support for CSS3 as well, including a Live CSS editor.

A standard license is priced at $87 which gives you unlimited use and installation of themes. However theme updates, support and documentation is limited to 1 year after which you have to renew your license.

9. Themify

Themify develops great set of wordpress themes as well. Every themify theme comes with the themify framework. This framework sports an options panel as well. All the basic features comes bundled in the options panel such as changing font styles, adding theme backgrounds, etc.

Apart from the basic theme, you also get access to skins which transform your default theme. Taking a backup copy of all the settings is also easy, since the import/export function is built-in, you never have to lose the changes you made again.

Like Mythemeshop, themify also gives you the option of settings up custom widgets such as the Twitter widget, Featured posts widget, Recent comments widget and so on. There is also a widget for managing your ads more efficiently.

The most nice part about being a customer of Themify is that you will go home happy. Purchase any theme, and you will get a free premium theme with it, along with lifetime support, free theme updates for life and you can install the theme on unlimited number of sites.  Isn’t it worth it?

10. Mojo Themes

Mojo themes is a theme marketplace. It is a collection of themes for all the major platforms. You can find themes for WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, and Magento.

They are very much similar to Themeforest. Theme developers sell their themes on Mojo themes and interested customers buy them. Mojo themes has themes from all categories such as Buddypress, ecommerce, portfolio or for restaurants. They even sell frameworks such as Genesis and their child themes.

Pricing will be decided on the quality of the theme and design so each theme will be priced accordingly. Every theme will carry the necessary documentation. Once you purchase a theme you will get free theme updates and lifetime support.

You will also be entitled to request for a free quote for theme customization, after which they will charge according to your needs. Additionally they also offer Theme installation packages and setting up of WordPress on your site, which will cost you extra.

Currently they are offering a hot deal, where you can grab 16 wordpress themes, worth $594 for just $29. You might want to hurry!

11. Themetrust

Themetrust also has some good collection of wordpress themes. Some of the most sought after themetrust themes are craft, quantum, uber, and solo. After you install their themes you get an options panel which is like a control panel for your theme.

There is support for custom widgets too. One thing i really liked about the Uber theme is that you can set background animations on the homepage. After a short period of time, the background changes, i really liked that effect!

Most of the themes they create are fully responsive. Once you buy a theme, you get lifetime support and free updates.

They also have this cool offer, where if you buy two themes, you can use the coupon code to get both the themes for the price of one.

12. Themeshift

Themeshift uses its advanced Frameshift framework to power all its themes. These themes comes with an options panel too where you can change your site layouts, add logos, change header images, add background images, etc.

Along with custom widgets, themeshift also gives you the advantage of using custom shortcodes. Shortcodes are designed to help you insert buttons, photo galleries, and other useful elements right from your post editor.

Another cool thing in this framework is the page layout option. You can change the layout of an individual post or page to say, full width, sidebar to right, sidebar to left, etc.

For a single theme it costs €39, which gives you unlimited support and future updates. A basic license gets you two themes at 25% discount with unlimited support and future updates at the price of €59. They also provide you with all the FAQ’s, documentation, and screencasts to help you guide on how to setup and configure your themes.

13. Mint themes

Mint themes has some simple and minimalistic themes with neat designs. Their themes are mostly concentrated towards a business type of websites.

From restaurants and bands, to photography and music, mint themes are beautifully designed for that professional look. All the themes consists of some basic features, such as uploading a custom logo, built-in social media buttons, easy video embedding and music streaming.

There is no provision for SEO. However you can install some industry standard wordpress plugins for getting the love from Google and other search engines.

The themes are a little bit pricey. A standard theme will cost you $79 which gets you unlimited support and free updates, whereas the developer bundle costs you $169 allowing you the access to all the themes and the themes they make in futures.

14. Official WordPress Themes

How can i not talk about the official wordpress themes? These themes are available on WordPress’s official website. All the themes you see in the repository are totally free which gives you freedom to use them on unlimited number of websites.

The themes uploaded here are all tested for code, design, and quality so that they meet the requirements set by the WordPress team. The support for the theme is provided by the respective theme developers. WordPress also has a list of all the commercial themes available.

I cannot talk about all the commercially available wordpress themes because i am restricted keeping the length of the blog post to a limit. So if you have knowledge of some other exceptional sites who develop quality wordpress themes, do let us know so that we can update this article over time.

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    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      i appreciate you making the effort to comment vijesh, yes do not waste your time purchasing themes for now…write content…quality content…and when ppl see ur work, and money starts flowing in, you can invest your hard earned money in renovating ur blog..that investment wil never go in vain! :)

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