Buffer for Google Plus: The Only Scheduling App for Google+ You Need!

Buffer for Google plus has now been released, and lets check out how you can connect your Google+ profile to your buffer app, and start scheduling posts! While there are already far too many third party apps for scheduling on Facebook and Twitter, Hootsuite was the only quality app we knew to be Google+ compatible.

buffer for google plus unveils

What is Buffer and Why is it important to You?

If you don’t know what Buffer is, let me give you a short review of it. Buffer is a social media scheduling app, with which you can publish posts to all your social media profiles simultaneously at any time. If you want our list of the best social media scheduling apps, you might want to refer:

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Think of it as a kind of an automation app that helps you to keep your business pages active and engaged. Of course, automation isn’t always good, that’s why we have also shared with you the rules and some pointers to keep in mind when using automation apps, to make them work effectively for you.

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The good news is Buffer now supports Google+ too! I use Buffer quite a lot, than Hootsuite because the interface is very easy to use and if you have a chrome extension, there is no need to even open the dashboard. We can just schedule on all the social networks with just one click.

Please note Buffer does not currently support posting to Google+ Profiles. For now you can only post to your Google+ Pages.

Connecting Buffer to Google+

Connecting your Google+ Page to your Buffer app should be very easy. Just login to Buffer. Switch to the Connect More tab. Press Connect a Page button below the big G+ logo. You then need to sign in to your Google account and give the app its permissions to post on your behalf. That’s it! You can now start buffering.

buffer for google plus - connect your g+ account

If you want, you can also press the Share Now button to make sure the posts are getting published on your Google+ Page.

Some pointers to make the most out of Buffer

Now that you have understood the way to post automatically to your Google+ Pages. Lets check out how to make them attractive and most importantly human. We don’t want a bunch of links and post titles flying around in the wild. We want customised, call to action posts that drive your audience to click on it.

1. Post with Images

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might know that i always stress my readers to share their posts with some images. I myself make use of that advice.

Of course, whenever you are sharing a link on Buffer, the featured image of the post gets automatically attached. If you have more than one image embedded in your post, Buffer also allows you to select from them.

This is quite a good practice, but you might want to try out uploading full scaled images and analyse how it performs. You will be surprised!

2. Links, Post Titles and Meta description

Whenever you share a long link, Buffer automatically shortens it using its in-built link shortener. If you are using other scheduling apps, you should use the Google URL shortener service goo.gl.

Post titles and meta description are the very second things (first comes the image), a user notices. Make sure they are interesting and enticing. Meta description are the very first words of your post. Make sure you don’t spam or use too many keywords in here, or else your user will never click on your post.

3. Text Formatting

Text formatting is essential in its way. Say, you want to highlight a piece of text, so that the user focuses on them first, such as this one, how do you do it? You format it! Here are some text formatting options available to the Buffer users, which works in Google+.

buffer for google plus - the dashboard

Left Hand Side is the text formatting you need to do and Right hand side is the actual word you will see in your Google+ posts.

*Word* = Word

_Word_ = Word

-Word- = Word

4. Firing your posts at the right Time

You might already know that Buffer has the feature to post on custom timings. It makes sure that the post gets published on whichever timing you specify.

The reason this is important, because as you will be living in a different time zone, there are different times your friends will come online. Choose the timing when most of your friends are online, and when they are likely to check out your posts.

You can get access to these kind of statistics, yes you guessed it right! Google Analytics. Make sure to check at what time your pages are most active, and target all your posts at the same time.

This is all the tutorial you need to start your own perfect social media campaign. Good Luck and Happy Buffering!

Source: The Buffer blog

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