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How To: Easily Display Tweets with Twitter API 1.1 on WordPress

Here is how you can easily display tweets with twitter api 1.1 on wordpress blog. You might already know,
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How To: Remove junk from your WordPress Header and gain PageSpeed

This easy guide will help remove junk from your wordpress header and keep your code nice and clean. We

Floating Social Bar WordPress Plugin by WPBeginner is fast, very fast!

Floating social bar wordpress plugin by wpbeginner is fast and here are reasons on why you should make the

Giveaway: Win 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse

Here is a chance to win 3 premium wordpress themes from themefuse. ThemeFuse has big news for all of
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MailChimp for WP: Grab your commenters and turn them into Subscribers

Mailchimp for WP lets you turn your commenters into subscribers by adding a small unobtrusive checkbox to your comment

Best Places to Buy Themes for your New WordPress Site

Here is a collection of the best places to buy themes for your new wordpress site. If you have
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How To: Hide Dates of Outdated Posts in WordPress for SEO

Using this guide easily hide dates of outdated posts in wordpress. Let's consider from an SEO point of view

7 Best Free Security Plugins for Your WordPress Site

These are the 7 best free security plugins for your wordpress site that will help you spend less time

Remove image links in Posts on WordPress

Here is how to easily remove image links in posts on wordpress blogs. Many of you might have seen

Install Facebook Open Graph Protocol using WordPress SEO easily

This tutorial is on how to install facebook open graph protocol using wordpress seo in 1 minute. Every successful