app – Sharing had never been so easier! Copy, Paste, Share.

What is app is a small free downloadable application that reduces the number of clicks you take to open up an app on your computer or on the internet, thereby saving you a considerable amount of time in performing a task. After installing it, will work in any application the moment you try to use the “copy function”.

Whether you press Ctrl+C, Apple-command+C, or right-click and select “copy”, will recognize all your commands. This will automatically pull up a series of buttons. then allows you to select a piece of text or an image and utilize it to access a wide variety of programs and online services ranging from the standard Microsoft Office software to the various social networking sites on the internet.

How it Works?

Select the service you want, and then launches the program and pastes the copied content in the applicable spot. brings all that clicking and opening into three simple easy steps:

One, you highlight or select whatever it is you want to copy.
Two, you hit CTRL+C.
Three, you then select the program into which you want to paste the text or pic. That’s all!

For example, here’s how you can grab a screenshot and add it directly to the mail that you want to send.

Similarly, on for Mac OS X you can share selected text on Facebook, Twitter, look up its meaning in Dictionary, view translation over at Google Translate, search text on Google Maps, and finally send it to the Finder search bar.

Search and Share more easily with the app Facebook: With the app you can select files such as documents, web pages, emails and PDFs directly from your Hard disk and publish them right onto your Facebook wall. Likewise, pictures can be uploaded from the Windows Explorer too. Wikipedia: Queries to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia can be accomplished with just one click. From documents, text files, emails, web pages, PDFs and other similar file formats, individual terms can be marked and searched via the app on Wikipedia. Google: After selecting a term to be searched for and finally marking it, app automatically opens up your default web browser and then loads the results of that query on the search results page. Its as easy as that.

Pros in the app:

• If doesn’t support an application you want to use, you can add it. That is a good thing about – all the new interfaces you are working with can be added, because application is endlessly expandable.

• Numerous applications are already supported from the get-go: Skype, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Word, Excel, Wikipedia, Gmail, Evernote, Flickr, Bing Translate, Amazon, YouTube, and many more.

• Everything you select can be sent to other applications with a single click.

Cons in the app:

• Services like Tumblr are not yet integrated

• does not work on Windows 2000 and on Mac Leopard

Best of all:

This app is completely free. Download it and reduce the amount of time you waste for clicking and copying and pasting – transforms everything in your computer into a hyperlink. is available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X computers as well.

This free program can be downloaded from

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