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What Services Do We Offer?

If you would like to avail our rich set of services for your blog, then you have come to the right place. We currently do SEO consulting, and provide Web designing (HTML/CSS) needs for all our customers. Here is a short gist of what we do best!

  • SEO consultancy – We can help you gain search engine traffic by optimizing your site completely from scratch. We will tell you which Search Engine optimized themes fit your business the best, how to make your site load faster and eliminate most of the PageSpeed barriers to gain the traffic you were always missing out on.
  • Web Designing – We can redesign your site elements and give a Web 2.0 feel. We are skilled in HTML/CSS. Say, you are having problems arranging the header image on your site, we can fix it. If you have integrated a third party commenting system we can match it to your current theme’s colors and align it properly. Further we can optimize your site’s CSS so that any browser can load the stylesheet of your theme quickly without wasting unnecessary bytes of data.
  • WordPress Services – Congrats! You are using the best CMS in the World. Now how to take advantage of it? If you are a beginner to WordPress, we will tell which plugins are the most essential for your blog. We can tweak your existing plugins to change its behavior for e.g. we can tell you how to edit your related posts and display them above or below your blog post. We can also build you your own personalized Featured posts area without using a plugin.
  • Product Reviews – Say you have developed a great new product and you want other people to try it out. What better way to reach them than performing a review about it. You can let us know what your product is all about and how is it beneficial to others and we will perform a review of it. Our reader base is very good and i think your brand will get the right recognition you were looking for!

PRICING – We don’t charge you hefty fees, first we will look at what you need from us, and then tell you the right amount needed to complete that assignment. If you want we can also negotiate the price which will fit your budget.

If you are interested to hire us, then please let us know by filling in the form above. Please provide the necessary details and be brief. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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