Creating Twitter Header and Background Images easily

This guide is about creating twitter header and background images easily for your twitter profile page. Recently Twitter unveiled new feature for all its users, i.e. Brand New Twitter Header images, kinda like Facebook and Google+ Cover Pics.

Of course, Twitter already has a feature with which you can change your Background image on the Profile Page and use it for Brand Promotions, etc. But the background images weren’t creative at all. We couldn’t use it to make a connection with our Twitter Avatars. They just simply stood there as static.

With the coming of Twitter Header images you can unleash all your ideas and get creative with it, because your header will be in the background and Avatars will be displayed on the Foreground.

In this article we will walk you through on how to create a twitter header image and background image for your profile, and also tell you the image dimensions, of each of them, so that they will look good for most of your visitors.

Ok lets get started.

Creating a Twitter Background Image

Step 1: First, open Photoshop and go to File > New. Select the Dimensions, Width: 2048 pixels, Height: 1024 pixels, Resolution: 72 pixels/inch, leave everything else default.

Step 2: Go to and select your personal favorite photoshop pattern. Download it to your computer.

Step 3: After download, open Photoshop and click the Paint Bucket tool. At the very top you will see the source to fill area is by default set to Foreground, change it to Pattern. Now you will see a Pattern picker box pop beside it. Just click it and you will notice a tiny gears icon inside it. Click the gears icon and select Load Patterns.

Step 4: Browse for the pattern file (.pat file), you downloaded earlier and open it. All the patterns will then appear in the Pattern picker box. Select your favorite pattern and now click on the image you created in Step 1. The whole image should now be filled by with your pattern.

Step 5: Now click on File > Save for Web. If you don’t know how to save an image for web, then this article will help you.

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That’s it, now your background image is ready to be uploaded to Twitter. As you know, Twitter’s default uploader has a 800kb size limit for images, but the final output size of your image after using save for web feature will be below 800kb. Now you must be thinking its a piece of cake to upload my image onto Twitter servers. Believe me, it is not!

As far as i know, the only situation Twitter will accept your image is, when its size is 80-90 kb or below. But not to worry, we have just the solution for you. Using Twiback, you can upload all your images on Twitter servers in matter of seconds.

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After your upload is complete, its time to sit back and enjoy. Clear your browser caches and visit your Twitter profile page from any browser. You will notice the background has changed!

Creating Twitter Header images

Instead of using a Pattern file for your header images, its best use a custom wallpaper, or if you are a creative person you can design your own wallpaper to go with your avatar (sort of like making a connection between them).

Just be sure to use the dimensions 1252 (width) x626 (height) pixels for your image as Twitter explicitly specifies this on the Settings page.

After you are done designing the Twitter header image, its time to upload it.

Step 1: Twitter came out with this feature just a few months back. Login to your Twitter account and go to the Settings page by clicking on the Gears icon located on the Big black bar.

Step 2: Now select the Design tab. Scroll down below, and you will see there’s an additional option available to change your Header images. Just click on Change header button, and choose your image and then finally click on Save changes.

That’s all there is to it. Now visit your Profile page to check out your new header image.

If you are having a hard time uploading images, then please check out the article given above, about Photoshop save for web feature.

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