Cut the Rope game now for PC users. Enjoy Om Nom on the big screen!

Everyone’s favorite Cut the Rope game now for PC users is here. Playing Cut the rope on a desktop is totally worth it. You can enjoy HTML5 effects and a better gaming experience by playing it on a PC.

Cut the Rope is a game developed by ZeptoLab. It consists of a character named Om Nom, the Frog. Your objective in the game is to feed the candy to the frog by cutting ropes with which the candy hangs. The path to the candy and the frog consists of many obstacles which you have to surpass by using logic and right timing.

Some of the obstacles include electricity, spikes and spiders. You get numerous objects to take your candy to the frog such as floating bubbles, stretched ropes, magic hats and bellows. Bellows are really cool. They swish off air when they are touched, to move away your candy.

Cut the rope game now for pc users

As much as its fun, playing Cut the rope, this game is also a nice exercise for your left brain as there’s where your logic and reasoning skills reside.

Cut the Rope game is very popular on mobile devices, mostly on iPhone and Android Smartphones. The game was so addictive and engrossing, that Microsoft people decided to create it for PC users too. The PC version of the game is compatible on all the major browsers as its developed using HTML5 standards. As it is a browser based gamed, we recommend you to please update your browsers to the latest version to get the best experience.

Cut the Rope game became so favorite among users of all ages that, it has now been awarded with numerous prizes including from the famous, IGN and Pocket Gamer too!

So what are you waiting for? Play Cut the rope on PC now.

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