Disable Gravatar images on your WordPress Blog for PageSpeed

This is a simple tutorial on how to disable gravatar images on your wordpress blog for pagespeed. A few days back i was testing on ways to improve my Blog load times and one of the things i noticed is that Gravatar.com slowed down my site considerably.

For those of you who are hearing the word Gravatar, for the first time, Gravatars are the avatars (profile pics) that you see beside a comment. You can also display the commenter’s gravatar profile when you hover over the avatars, with the help of Hovercards.

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Gravatar is supported on almost all the CMS (Content Management System), for example, WordPress. If you want to create a new Gravatar for your e-mail address, then head to Gravatar.com and signup.

As soon as you leave a comment on any blog, your blog looks up Gravatar.com to get the avatar image for the e-mail address you have commented with. At times, you might have seen Waiting for 0.gravatar.com and 1.gravatar.com in the status bar of your browser.

This is the indication that the browser is loading Gravatar images for all the comments in that post.

Loading of these gravatar images doesn’t really slow down your site, if you have less number of comments, like 30-40. Although i don’t have a lot of comments on my blog, but i have a few popular posts where the comment count is from a few 100-200.

This is when the page load time is severely affected. For such posts, it takes almost 7-10 seconds, to completely load all the gravatar images.

Recently you might have seen that we have disabled all the Gravatar images on this blog. I know that Gravatar images are important for a blog, to maintain a personal touch among readers, and to get to know your community better.

But if you are one of those who don’t want to compromise your blog speed, and site load time is your major concern, then disabling Gravatar is a good choice.

How To Disable Gravatar images on your WordPress blog:

Go to Settings -> Discussion -> Scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page in the Avatars Section -> Click on Don’t show Avatars option and finally press the Save Changes button.

Thats it! Wasn’t this tutorial about how to disable gravatar images on your wordpress blog, easy?

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  1. hardinal Reply

    I was looking for a plugin to disable gravatarbut no luck then I found this step. This is the simplest method I think.


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