Dropbox Backup Solution: Share and sync your files online and offline

Today we are going to review Dropbox Backup Solution which is an easy to use backup software that backs up your files both online and offline. We use a lot of backup software’s in our daily lives because we are so scared that we might permanently lose our data if we didn’t keep constant backups of it.


Access your files even when offline:

Most of the companies provide you with online backup solutions that work only when you are connected to internet i.e. you cant access your files when you are not online. Dropbox backup solution eliminates that weakness by giving you the power to edit, modify or delete your files even when you are offline.

Eliminate the use of a Pen Drive:

The most exciting feature about this software is you can sync all your dropbox files to multiple computers and devices. Sit tight because the good part isn’t over yet. When you make changes to a file from one system, that change is reflected in all your other systems too. Yes this is one unique feature about Dropbox that you will fail to find in other backup solutions.

For example, i use an Ubuntu 11.04 guest operating system on Virtualbox, with Windows 7 as my host operating system. When i am working on Ubuntu i don’t have to insert my Flash drive everytime i want some file from Windows 7. I just go to Dropbox and view that file on my Ubuntu itself. Isn’t this easy? It totally fulfills the need of a typical pen drive.

Share your files in a transparent way:

When you add files to your Dropbox folder you can immediately start sharing it with anybody. You can even initiate an online project by sharing it with your friends. The file you shared will become available on their computers too and any changes they make to that file will be updated in all computers and devices connected to the file.

As far as security goes, your data transfers happen in a very foolproof way. Dropbox backup solution offers you a AES-256 bit encryption mode to share your files securely on an SSL based connection. So you are pretty much protected from everything lurking out there.

Undelete your files on Dropbox instantly:

The Dropbox backup solution keeps saved versions of your files even when you delete them. And restoring them is just a child’s game. Simply right click on the file you want to restore and click View previous versions.

Dropbox supports all major platforms:

Dropbox backup solution is available for Windows, MAC and Linux. It is also available for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. You can access your files on mobile in the same fashion as you do on the desktop. In fact, i use Dropbox to maximize the external storage available on my Android.

Increase your storage space with Dropbox referrals:

Dropbox currently provides 2GB of space in its Free plan but you can expand it upto 8GB without paying money. Yes Dropbox referrals is a neat little feature introduced by Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox where you momentarily gain online space if you invite your friend to Dropbox. As soon as your friend clicks the link to join Dropbox you gain an extra 250MB of space per invite.

DOWNLOAD Dropbox for Windows now:

Dropbox currently gives you 2GB of space in the free plan. You can upgrade it to 50GB plan by paying $9.99/month or a 100GB plan by paying $19.99/month.

Join Dropbox by following this link.

Now its time for your comment. Share your experience about Dropbox with us! Have you found Dropbox backup solution to be your ultimate online backup software? Put in your word.

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  1. Paul Salmon Reply

    I have been hearing more about dropbox, but I have yet to try it out. I’m don’t usually need to sync many files between computers, or devices for that matter, so I’m not sure what I would use dropbox for.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi paul. its great if you went on a trip to somewhere and if you wanted to access your pc files through your mobile device. in a way it serves as a backup of files…accessible from anywhere anytime :)

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