Easiest Way to Display Hidden Files on a Mac OS

Here is a simple tut on how to display hidden files on a mac os. Just yesterday i had downloaded my .htaccess file to my computer and after download the Finder was not showing the file.

I knew that because there was a dot “.” in front of the file name, so Finder was not displaying it. That’s because the Finder considers all file names starting with a dot, a system file, so to protect them, by default they are made hidden.

But in the current case, i know that my htaccess file is not a system file and i wanted to edit that file. So i stumbled upon this tiny little code which saved my day.

Just execute the Below commands in the Terminal. To open terminal click on the Spotlight icon (denoted by a Magnifying glass, located at the top right corner) and type in “Terminal” and then click on enter.

Now type:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

This command will set the show all files to default in Finder. Now to make the changes you must the restart the Finder app, with this command,

killall Finder

display hidden files on a mac os Easiest Way to Display Hidden Files on a Mac OS

That’s it ! Now open the Finder app and you will see all the hidden files.

NOTE: After you have finished editing your hidden file, its best to set the default back to ‘do not show hidden files’, to avoid accidental deletion or manipulation of system files. To do that just set the TRUE value to FALSE in the first command.

This method will only display hidden files on a mac os, and cannot be used to make a file hidden or unhidden. To do that we will come up with a tutorial very soon.

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Source: lifehacker

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