ESET Smart Security 5 review – Best protection for your HOME PC

Today i will perform a ESET Smart Security 5 review which is the best and latest antivirus product released by the well known company ESET. ESET smart security 5 offers many unique features which even the best antivirus softwares fail to deliver. We will take a look at what those features are in detail in the eset smart security 5 review. In the end we will also give you the verdict whether this product is worth buying.

ESET has introduced some new features in the ESET smart security 5.0. First i will tell you what new additions you will find, in the eset smart security 5 review which was not seen in the Smart security 4.0.

The 6 unique features found in the ESET Smart Security 5.0

ESET Live Grid: This is a cloud database of ESET containing many virus lists and threats. This feature monitors your system’s running processes and applications and compares it against the virus database. Reports are sent to the ESET servers to perform advanced disinfection on your computer.

HIPS system: HIPS is nothing but Host-based Intrusion Prevention System. This is a very powerful feature which you do not find in other antivirus products. What this HIPS actually does is that it allows you to configure rules and set permissions for applications. This is not as simple as it sounds. You can lock any application from accessing the core system files such as the registry and other system processes so that unwanted applications cannot access sensitive files without the administrator’s consent.

You can also allow applications to delete a file or even modify the system startup settings. You can perform many such cool operations. Isn’t it nice? I managed to blacklist some of the applications and found out it actually works.

Parental Control: The name says it all. You can block websites which are offensive in nature to protect your children and minors from viewing.

Gamer Mode: This mode suspends all pop-ups and system scans when in full-screen mode to allow essential system resources to the games being played.

Block Removable Media : You can actually block pen drives access based on manufacturer details, size and other parameters. This is a good feature. Any removable media you plug in will also be scanned for viruses and other malware.

Quick Startup: ESET doesn’t slow down your system after boot and neither consumes more time to load. You can immediately begin working after starting your computer.

These are the six new features introduced in the latest ESET Smart Security 5.0. Now lets look at the new interface and other features of the Smart security 5.

ESET Smart Security 5 Review

Installation was pretty quick on my computer. It took less than 5 minutes to install and setup fully. Also you don’t even have to reboot after installation.

(Click to enlarge)

After install it asks you to select your network type. If you are at Home you should choose Home network, if you work from Office you should select Public Network.

After setting up your license, all the virus components will be activated. Here is a look at the ESET Smart security 5 dashboard.

I performed a quick update. The update was downloaded and installed in minutes and my virus database was immediately updated.

Next i checked if my product and the virus definitions were successfully updated. As you can see it is also showing my system info and product version etc.

Finally i performed a custom scan of my drive to eliminate any security threats on my computer and it went pretty smooth. Fortunately i had no viruses in the disk, that’s because i was using Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 prior to performing the review of ESET Smart Security 5.0. Kaspersky had kept my computer free of viruses.

VERDICT: The dashboard and the interface is nice and clean and features a rich design. I like it very much. Also the working is very fast and the antivirus doesn’t hog a lot of your system resources. Its fast and quick in operation. The HIPS functionality makes it easy for the advanced users to limit the application functionality at a certain level. This is a feature which i was very much impressed with. The updates are automatic and doesn’t require the user’s intervention. Virus removal is aggressive. It cleans the viruses and if it isn’t successful, it immediately quarantines the threat for further actions to be performed. Notification system is also very good. All the actions it takes are notified instantly without disturbing you.

To top it all off, you also get the advantage of ESET Unilicense with which you can deploy the same antivirus product across other operating systems on the same machine. I recommend this product to everybody. This is a great antivirus solution for both your Home and Office environments. This product is totally worth the buy and you will absolutely be getting what you are paying for.

What are you waiting for? Head to and purchase the ESET Smart Security 5.0 or if you want to try out the product before buying download the Free ESET Smart Security 5.0 over here.

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