Facebook App Center Review: All Your Facebook Apps in One Place

Here’s a quick Facebook app center review. Just yesterday, Facebook App store was released to users worldwide. The App center makes it possible to find all your FB Apps, be it mobile or Desktop, very easy.

We were kinda expecting this feature to be released, as Facebook had already announced about it on its Developer Blog back in May. Of course, if Apple and Google have an App Store of their own why shouldn’t Facebook?

Facebook app center review - New feature announcement

The minute i logged into my Facebook account yesterday, i was greeted to try out the New Facebook App center and here’s a short inspection of what i got to see and a how to do stuff tutorial. 

Facebook App Center Review

When you first visit the App center you will see apps categorized into two columns, Suggested apps and Friends apps. Presence of these two columns is pretty evident, as people have already used a vast majority of apps, and Facebook knows your usage statistics very well.

Above the fold you will find the Featured section where you get to see the most trending apps in the app center. In the left sidebar you can observe that apps have been classified into various groups such as Gaming, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle etc.

Facebook app center review - Your app dashboard

You will also find a “Requests” option down below wherein you can review all your pending app requests from your Facebook friends.

You might find it very odd that a “Facebook” category is also present, these apps are Facebook specific i.e. have been developed by the Facebook Team for mobile platforms.

Its very interesting to note that majority of my friends use the Facebook for Android app. Just an observation, but still, you totally get it right! ;)

Facebook App Center for Mobile

The Facebook App Center is available for your Mobile Devices as well. Click on the Mobile tab and find an app which you like, after clicking it you will end up on that App’s homepage where you will find more info about what that app does.

Scrolling down a bit further, you can see the App screenshots as well as a little information about the developer and the platform for which it is available.

If you use an Android or an iPhone you can click on the Send to Mobile button which will take you to the Play Store or Apple Store respectively. After which you can directly install that app on your handheld device.

Further you will also find quick links to visit app page, remove or block the app completely.

Facebook App center is certainly a nice feature and a major improvement of how the company is evolving its application development platform.

Providing an app store will certainly bring in much more mobile customers to the Social Network and offer that “is and always will be” competitive edge against its competitors.

How Do You Feel about the new Facebook App Center? Your comments are important to us, let us know if you have an app page of your own or if you are very much interested to be a Facebook app developer.

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