Facebook News Feed changes expected! Boon or curse?

Facebook news feed changes are soon expected. But this change will turn out to be a boon or a curse for us, let’s find out! This news first hit us when The Wall Street Journal announced it in its article. Perhaps many changes are to be expected in Facebook soon.

WSJ reported,

Now Facebook engineers are working to create an unfiltered News Feed that would open the floodgates of information about users and the games they win, the companies they “Like” and the actions their friends take.

This time Facebook is trying to get more commercial with its unfiltered news feed system. Already Facebook is tracking our behaviour and delivering us with keyword generated ads and now Facebook is on its heels to attract more and more business companies to opt Facebook for its ad campaigns.

Perhaps with this system, people will see the content liked by their friends and relatives piling up in their news feed. This will give a great opportunity for various brands and entrepreneurs to promote their products. Although our news feed will be more transparent and visible than ever but still it will create a nuisance by grabbing those useless and unwanted feeds (as though Facebook ads weren’t enough).

Ed Oswald at PCW rightly quotes it,

 “I’ve seen my friend’s comments to pages and such placed in my feed like any other status. A little odd, yes: but I guess they think it will make me more likely to check those pages out (it doesn’t).”

Apart from facebook news feed changes, the social network is also planning to extend its Like functionality. Its a good news for all those third party developers on Facebook, this time don’t be surprised if your friends know what is on your buy list or where you have planned your next vacation!

These features will be tested at Facebook’s annual F8 conference this time. For latest updates on this topic, please subscribe to our feed.

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    Wow, nice information’s, i am not aware about Facebook News Feed Changes Expected! Bon or Curse. thanks for aware about this.

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