Facebook releases its Official WordPress Plugin for Blog Publishers

The Billion Dollar Social Network Facebook releases its official wordpress plugin to the WordPress Plugins Directory. Just yesterday, i saw the Facebook plugin for wordpress received almost 1000 downloads overnight and as of writing this post the score is 9k.

Along with Automattic and few other Facebook developers, the team finally put together a Facebook plugin which is fully compatible with WordPress blogs. Many WordPress users might know that integration of Facebook has always been tough on our end. Including the Facebook Open Graph API’s and other facebook javascripts hasn’t been very easy for people who are newbies to the WordPress platform.

But this plugin brings a good news for all of us. Firstly the setting up of this plugin is so easy, that even a noob can do it in minutes. Secondly there is no need of inserting any additional code into our theme files, the plugin handles it all.

So now lets go through on how to setup this plugin for your WordPress Blog:

Step 1: Download and activate the Facebook plugin from here.

Step 2: Go to the settings page of the plugin. I am guessing you already have configured a Facebook app. If you haven’t check out https://developers.facebook.com/apps page and create a new app by filling out the App name and namespace and you should be good to go.

Step 3: Now insert your Facebook App id and App secret, you created in Step 2 and hit Save changes.

Facebook releases its official wordpress plugin - Screenshot 1

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Step 4: Additional options should become available to you now. Just click whichever Facebook module you want to activate and configure its settings. Such as, now i am enabling the Like button for my blog and as you can see all the Like button parameters are already being displayed.

Facebook releases its official wordpress plugin - Screenshot 2

Step 5: Finally check whichever functions you need and hit Save changes.

Apart from all the general Facebook social plugins, WordPress users also get an exclusive Social Publisher plugin. This plugin allows you to publish posts to your Facebook Timeline and Facebook page automatically after you make a new post. Further it also gives you the option to mention other Facebook users in a post, kinda like tagging.

Facebook releases its official wordpress plugin - Screenshot 3

In addition to these, Facebook plugin also offers you to display the social plugins in the sidebar as Widgets. There are a lot of widgets to choose, from Like box to Recommendations box, etc. This plugin also makes commenting, interactive on your blog by adding the Comments box and its already Search engine optimized on the fly!

Note 1: Facebook Open Graph protocols have already been implemented in the plugin. So there’s no need for you manually insert the open graph codes in your header files.

Note 2: If you are using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, you might want to disable the open graph meta tags added by this plugin as it can create conflicts with the Facebook plugin. Just navigate to the SEO tab in your sidebar and click on the Social option. Here uncheck the box that says Add OpenGraph meta data and everything should be working fine.

Note 3: Please don’t use other sharing plugins with the Facebook plugin such as Digg Digg or Jetpack, as i have told you earlier that it may cause unnecessary conflicts. Even if you do make sure to disable the Facebook modules in it so that it doesn’t load the Facebook codes as stated by Otto.

Let us know in the comments if you are using this plugin for your blog, and if you are not, please tell us why!

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  1. James W Reply

    great post Gautam.
    What do you think, can this be a good way to connect better and use fb more on the websites and blogs?

    thanks for sharing

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      absolutely james..having an official plugin for wordpress from the facebook team always ensures that you get the latest features first and better support for the wordpress platform. we are already seeing the mentioning of users taking place which is specifically for wordpress blogs :)

  2. kiranpattar Reply

    why are you not using this plugin doddamani…and also if you can reply please say how you will be updated by all the latest trending news online.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      to tell you the truth kiran…i already have plugins for seo..i m using yoast plugin for seo and the normal database backup for backing up…i am on a shared hosting so i dont really need a backup facility and i also dont need star rating for my posts as my site is relatively new. as for the trending news i subscribe to other tech blogs to stay updated.

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