Facebook Voice feature allows “You” to perform Social Actions now!

Facebook Voice feature now allows you to perform social actions as your Profile, and is now available for all your Facebook Pages. This Voice button can be seen alongside your Profile name and is highlighted as a blue bar.

How Can the Facebook Voice feature be essential to me?

There are some situations wherein you have to respond to or like posts with your Facebook Profile rather than your Page. That’s what Facebook Voice is all about, you can quickly change profiles between the two. This feature also comes handy when you have more than one moderators for your Facebook Page so that members can speak to each other with their profiles further enriching conversations.

Facebook Voice feature for Pages

A screenshot showing the Voice feature in action

Hubspot also brought out a point that this feature could lead to a marketing disaster if you are not careful who you are posting as. They shared a similar story which i too was a victim of.

Biggest Twitter Disaster

Back in 2011 when i first started this blog, i was using TweetDeck very heavily to socialise with my Twitter followers. I had setup both my company and my personal accounts. When a tweep who had about 10k followers or so, asked me about my business and what i was currently doing, i accidentally replied him with my company account. Guess what was the result of that conversation? He blocked both my personal and company Twitter accounts, and i was short of one high profile Twitter follower. So the lesson i learnt was, always be careful which profile you are posting as.

And the funny part is, we are very close friends on Facebook now! Ssshhh…I will not reveal the name of that person. ;)

Facebook Voice feature can be a relief and also a burden. It is how you use it, that brings out the positive side of it. Remember this feature is not related to “Use Facebook As” wherein you can switch profiles to and fro. This shows up only when you are logged into your Facebook page as your profile.

So let us know if this minor feature was useful for your business page, by a comment. Of course, you can also subscribe to us for further Facebook updates.

Reference: Hubspot

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