Floating Social Bar WordPress Plugin by WPBeginner is fast, very fast!

Floating social bar wordpress plugin by wpbeginner is fast and here are reasons on why you should make the switch. This right here is a quality plugin and stands as a strong contender to Digg Digg and Jetpack plugins, which are 2 of the most go-to plugins when it comes social sharing.

Floating social bar is a wordpress plugin which was released just recently by Syed Balkhi (of Wpbeginner) and Thomas Griffin. It is a social sharing plugin, which can be used by bloggers and webmasters to integrate social media buttons seamlessly onto their site.

floating social bar wordpress plugin by wpbeginner - sharebar in action

Now you might ask to yourself, why should i leave Digg digg and Jetpack, which are the best in what they do, and have been available from time beginning? Here are 6 reasons on why you should make the switch.

Why You Should Make the Switch to Floating Social Bar?

  • Very light since it has support for only Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest buttons
  • Uses Socialite.js to load all the resources for the buttons only when the user hovers over the button
  • Easy to use, has a drag and drop interface for you to select which buttons should appear on the page
  • Sits right at the top, and floats whenever the user scrolls, thereby increasing your overall social shares for a post
  • Caches the count (such as like count or tweet count) for a button without loading any of its resources
  • The count is cached only for the post that has been visited at least once, so if your 2 year old post hasn’t been visited by anyone then its count will not be cached

We all know Digg Digg, is a very heavy plugin since it has support for majority of the social networks, and same goes for Jetpack as it has many other services including social sharing, such as providing analytics, spelling check, etc.

If you are unsure on which of the plugins are consuming most of your server’s memory, then you can use the P3 Plugin Performance Profiler to monitor and analyse those which are slowing you down.

So if you want a minimal and a lightweight plugin, Floating social bar is the plugin you should go for. Let me take you on how you can setup this plugin and get it started.

Setting Up Floating Social Bar Plugin for WordPress

Step 1: Download the plugin from WordPress official repo and upload it on your website

Step 2: Activate it and proceed to the Settings area which can be found in Settings > Floating Social Bar

Step 3: Here you can see all the customising options for the plugin. Just drag and drop the buttons you want, to appear on the post page, from Available social services box to Enabled social services box.

floating social bar wordpress plugin by wpbeginner - settings page

Step 4: Type anything in the Social Bar Label area like Share it or Share this article. This label will appear on your share bar. You can also leave it blank.

Step 5: Next in the Show Bar on Single area, check the box where you want your share bar to appear like Posts, Pages or your Media page.

Step 6: Specify your Twitter username without the @ symbol in the next setting.

Step 7: Just leave the Interval to Update Stats setting as it is. The default value 1800 seconds means counts for your pages will be generated every 30 minutes.

That’s it! Finally click on the Save Settings button and you are good to go.

If you are using the W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache plugin please make sure to empty all the caches. Now you can check any of your posts page to see the plugin in action.

Since this is a new plugin, you might see one or two bugs around. You can drop your issues in the plugin’s support page and let the devs know.

Activating this plugin is like running your blog on Steroids, you will feel the difference! ;)

Please drop your comments and views below if this plugin helped you in gaining that extra speed you were looking after. If it was not enough, you might want to check our Pagespeed tutorials.

Source: wpbeginner

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  1. Matt McAuley Reply

    Thanks for the heads up. Im going to go try this out right now. I have not found a social sharing plugin that works the way I want it too, so hopefully this will make me happy

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanks for dropping by matt..appreciate your honest opinion since i was having trouble choosing the right social plugin too. i hope this will help you in the long run! :)

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