Gmail new Sign in page. Will you plus 1 it or not?

Gmail new sign in page is yet another surprise revealed by Google. The search engine giant has decided to take Gmail one step further by getting it a new look on the login page. Just a few months back Google had introduced two new themes into Gmail. And now Google startles us with this open sesame.

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If you check your Gmail’s everyday then you are already familiar with this change but if you are a bore like my Grandpa, then this might come as a surprise to you. Gmail had put up a small notice inside a box on 11th of August, which read as follows:

Coming Soon. A new sign-in page! Preview it! Learn More

As soon as you click the Preview it  link you will be redirected to Gmail new sign in page. As you can see Google has done a pretty good job in decorating it. It has given it a typical Google style, previously seen on Google’s homepage and Google Plus (the social network).

The grey bar is oversized and positioned at the top with an attractive Create an Account button placed to the extreme right. This idea has eliminated the presence of an extra Create an account box seen in the old version. The Sign-in box is now spacious and systematic, unlike the old look where the buttons and input boxes were overcrowded. The Sign in button previously was done using standard HTML coding, no CSS involved. Perhaps now you understand what makes for an attractive webpage, the BUTTONS.

Note: If you don’t like the new look, you can revert to the previous look by clicking Back to old page link seen at the very bottom of Gmail new sign in page. But take care it will be available only for a few days. Google is in plans to make the new design permanent soon.

If you care to provide your feedback to Google, you can do so by clicking this link. If you are looking for a FAQ please go here.

If you still haven’t got the Gmail new sign in page, do so by following this link.

Pass on your precious comments about this new design! Do you like it or prefer the old design instead? Please let us know.

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  1. Metaksan Reply

    I really liked the new version…

    btw, the heigh of each row might be seen high for you, if this happens just change from the options.

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