Google Blogger 2011 new interface is now live! Its clean and fast.

Google Blogger 2011 new interface is all set to rock and roll. Yes it has been completely revamped from the ground-up. Remember how Google teased us with its video that went viral in just a few days. Well now you can watch it in action.


Google Blog said it officially on its blog post just yesterday. Chang Kim, the Product Manager for Blogger quoted saying,

“We’ve rewritten the entire editing and management experience from scratch so it’s faster and more efficient for you—and easier for us to update and improve over time.”

Google’s Blogspot was in need of a serious makeover, since majority of Google products are already in compliance with its new theme such as Google+, Gmail, Google Calendar etc. Anyway you can test out this Google Blogger 2011 new interface by simply clicking the ‘Try the updated Blogger interface‘ link located at the top right corner of your Blogger dashboard. If you want you can also switch back to the old interface but that’s available for a limited time only.

In seconds you will be greeted with the new interface of Blogger. As you can see the font is now very legible and neat. Quick buttons makes navigation to your favourite pages very easy which are placed just to the side of your blog name. Your blog stats, no. of posts made and no. of followers are displayed below the blog you write. The blogs you read are listed just below your dashboard.

As you go into the Create Post section you will see a clean editor where all your tools are nicely arranged on a bar. You can switch from Visual mode to HTML mode instantly. The Post Settings column is located at the extreme right and provides you quick options to set labels, assign a location and schedule your posts.

Google Blogger 2011 new interface also sports a slick set of orange buttons which adds more to the beauty and glossiness of Blogger. One fact that i didn’t tell you guys is that Blogger is now super fast. Loading of pages is very quick on Blogger. Mashable also tells us discussing about the Google Blogger 2011 new interface that its speed is now greatly enhanced and is better than ever.

These new google changes are surely getting me mouth-watering. Are you excited about them? Make a comment and let us know!

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