Google Chromebook Featurelist. Overview of all Chromebook features

Today we will present a full blown Google Chromebook featurelist and perform an overview of all the Chromebook features and introduce you to the new Chromebook from scratch.


Google has already started promoting its Chromebook by advertising it on the Google homepage just today. It reads as “New! Introducing Chromebook. Built and optimized for the web.”

We had earlier performed a full review on Samsung Chromebook and its features. Google Chromebook is available from two major companies presently, SAMSUNG and ACER. For a full overview and spec listing between the two products, go to Chromebook official overview page and see for yourself.

Google also has listed some of the unique features of the Chromebook. Some of them being:

    • QUICK BOOT : Google claims the Chromebooks boots in 8 seconds and resumes instantly. Chromebooks are known for handling websites smoothly and efficiently. Websites load quickly and play rich Flash content as Chromebook supports Adobe Flash and the latest web standards.
    • Hi-Fi CONNECTIVITY : Wi-Fi and 3G models connect to web anytime and anywhere. For US customers there’s a free plan included of 100MB per month from Verizon Wireless.
    • CLOUD EXPERIENCE : No need to be a cry baby if you lose your Chromebook. Google takes care of you by storing your settings and apps in the Cloud on the go. If you lose your Chromebook, just snatch your friend’s chromebook and start where you left off.
    • NOT CONNECTED? PLEASE CONTINUE : Chromebook makes use of the latest web standard known as HTML5, to deliver you quality content. If you get disconnected from the internet, Web Apps continue working still serving all your needs.
    • FRIENDS ARE GREAT : Your chromebook not only takes care of you but also your friends. Just power up any Chromebook and start working in guest mode. Owner’s personal data and settings are left untouched.
    • NO ANNOYING UPDATES : Chromebook doesn’t require any user intervention to perform updates. It works silently and in the background. All your web apps and product versions stays up-to-date all time. SECRET: It is said that Chromebooks performance gets better and better with successful updates. Can you believe that?
  • DID IS SECURE : Chromebooks introduce a new level of security known as Defense-in-Depth (DID). These multi-layer of security protocols are backed up by Hardware security, so the next time you want to hack a Chromebook, remember the word IMPOSSIBLE.

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Google has managed to give us a small peek through of how a Chromebook works. Don’t forget to watch the video!

Google Chromebook is currently available for buy at Amazon and Best Buy. The prices range from $349 – $499 USD.

So how did you enjoy the Google Chromebook featurelist. Do you think Chromebook is worth a buy or will you settle with a netbook instead? Comment and share your views with us.

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