Google Drive In Depth Review, First Impressions and Hands-On

Today i will perform a google drive in depth review and give you my personal opinion whether this latest cloud storage facility provided by Google is worth the wait. The first thing everyone does is compare Google Drive to its rivals such as Dropbox or Microsoft’s SkyDrive but i am not gonna do that because you might have already heard their say.

Just a few days back i got the invite to try out Google Drive and here i am with the complete review. So hang tight because i will go through all the features of this cloud storage technology, and i will try to keep it as short as possible.

After you get a mail from Google informing that your Google Drive is ready you can click on the Take me to my Google Drive button and you will see this page. Considering that you have clicked the Try out button on this page you will get a free 5 GB plan from Google to store all your personal files and folders. Although you can upgrade it to 25 GB for $2.49/month.

Google Drive in depth review - dashboard

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Now you can go ahead and install the Google Drive for Mac or Windows PC. What this does is, it sets up a Google Drive on your personal machine so that you can sync your files easily instead of going online and then manually uploading files. The installation file is pretty small too, just 25.4 MB for a Mac machine.

After signing in you can view your Google Drive in the Finder window where you can drag and drop files you wish to upload. By the way, Google Docs is already built-into your Google Drive by default, so all your Google Doc files will be saved from the start so that you can access ‘em immediately once  your Google Drive is set up.

Google Drive in depth review - sync screenshot 1

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The files will be synchronized immediately to the Google servers and you can watch it in process by the little Google Drive icon on the menu. It will notify you once the sync is complete. As you can see i have synced two text documents on my Google Drive just for the purpose of this demo. The green checkmark on a file means its completely in sync.

Lets take a look if we have synced it perfectly by opening our Google drive online. Yes, i can see the two word files are showing up intact. Lets open up my word file and check to see if it is able to display the file contents in the browser itself. You should already be knowing that Google Drive supports opening up to 30 different files types on its own i.e. you don’t require any software to be installed on your computer. For example, let’s say you have a PDF file and you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, Google Drive can still open the PDF file for you because it supports its file format.

Google Drive in depth review - sync screenshot 2

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Ok, as you can see the file is now open. Probably you didn’t know but Google Drive also allows you to share your files with your friends and family. Just type their names and click share and save button. Any changes they make to your files will be saved and synced automatically to your Google Drive. You can also post comments and reactions on the file itself by clicking on the Comments button. This way you can start conversations right where you left off on that particular file.

Google Drive in depth review - share files

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Oh did i tell you, you can share files with your Google Plus friends too? Although that is self explanatory, don’t you think? ;) The Privacy options are very good too. After the success of Privacy features on Google+ i am pretty satisfied that my files are safe and can only be seen by the people whom i want it to.

The filtering technique in Google Drive is hands-down the best i have seen. Apparently i found out that it scans images from documents too, with a technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition), so the next time you are looking for that special pic with your father, you will immediately find it on your Google Drive.

Google Drive in depth review - filter files

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For demonstration i applied the filter of Text Documents and as you can see both my Word documents are now visible.

If you haven’t tried out Google Drive yet please do so by following this link to the official Google Drive page. Google Drive is now available for your Android devices too, just grab it from Google Play Store. The Official app for iPhone is currently available, hopefully they will release it soon enough.

Time for your feedback. Do tell me if you liked this Google drive in depth review and what features would you like to see on Google Drive in the future. Thank You.

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