Google introduces Photovine New photo sharing app

Google just introduced Photovine new photo sharing app. I think its a new move by Google to take on Facebook. We all know Google already had its own photo sharing service called Picasa. Then why Photovine now?

Although we previously had some speculations made when Google trademarked Photovine but we were not sure that it was set to turn out into a Photo sharing service.

According to Google, Photovine is a photo sharing app designed for smartphones. The unique thing about this app is that photos are connected with vines. Vines are nothing but a common caption given to a photo-group which is created by you, your friends or anyone for that matter. Its like tags given on Facebook. Once you create a vine and add photos to it, anybody can then follow your vine and add their own photos. The result is a Vine with a sweet collection of your favourite photos taken by many people all over the world grouped into one single album. Isn’t it great?

Google has purchased to start its new app. was previously owned by Mark Monitor and now Google has its hands on it. Photovine is a production by Slide which Google had acquired just last year. Take a look at this nice little video composed by Google to welcome Photovine.

This service is currently live but the app isn’t. Of course you can request an invite and join the queue. Get in line over here.

CNET suggests that the app isn’t currently available for the iPhone users but will be soon. Rest assured Android OS will be the first one to debut this service. You can view the complete FAQ on the Photovine support page. If you don’t find it there visit Business Insider to view it.

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UPDATE: Photovine has been shutdown indefinitely.

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