Google new black Navigation bar [MAC Users in for a surprise]

Google has rolled out many new features today. The latest being Google new black Navigation bar. Just last week Google introduced its new Google Voice Search and Google Image Search ability and now Google surprises us with this one. Seems like Google’s on a roll.

Many of you who opened Google’s homepage today might have seen a new black Navigation bar. Just weeks back Google gave a new modern look to its navigation bar by making it more user-friendly by adding a new Sign in feature. People now can log into their Google account directly from the Google homepage.

The popular search engine began testing the Google new black Navigation bar on the latest Google Operating System in May but recently it has started rolling out the changes globally. Now users can see the bar even on their custom Google homepage.

The latest development being Google painted the navigation bar with a black colour giving it a more dynamic look. Also a slim red bar is seen above the active search tool. Google new black Navigation bar is a very attracting bar placed on the top of the Google’s homepage that steals focus.

If you are on a MAC you get more lucky, the reason being you will get to experience a whole new different look of the Google Homepage and the Google search results page. The following new looks are presently seen only in a Firefox browser running on a MAC.

There is only a minor change seen on the Google homepage when browsed through a MAC computer. As you can see above the Google Search button and the I’m Feeling Lucky button is now more slick looking and hover friendly. When you hover on the buttons with a mouse, you see the buttons getting activated and when you release the buttons they get unfocused. As you can see, the buttons look very cute now with a smooth edged new refined look.

Also, the Search button on the results page is replaced by a rectangular shaped blue button with a small white colour magnifier symbol on it. You can also observe the text colour is now changed to red seen in the search parameters pane.

Do you like this Google new black navigation bar or were you more comfortable with the old one? Share your views by dropping a comment!

UPDATE: The above look previously seen only on MAC is now available on all platforms for all browsers.

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  1. icechen1 Reply

    I see the same search buttons as Mac on my Windows Chrome. So it’s more of a browser difference, not operating system :) The new design looks ugly, the black bar doesn’t go well with the white interface.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      Its a surprise to me, actually i tested the new look on mac’s firefox as well as windows chrome on the same day i.e. on 29th. But in windows chrome it wasn’t to be seen. maybe they released it later on all browsers. ya i too think the black bar doesn’t match…they should have given a light color to it like grey or something. :)

    • Michael from Reply

      I totally agree. The new black navigation bar is plain ugly!

      Thought it’s great to be able to navigate your account, the navigation function still needs a lot of improvements.

      I get extremely frustrated when not being able to navigate from, say feedburner to my mail box, or form my mailbox to adwords… and so on…

  2. xcom923 Reply

    actually the black bar is a little translucent, you can’t tell most of the time because the default Google background is white. BUT I will say this. I think it was a good choice to go with that color because it gives a lot of contrast. We didn’t know at the time of this posting but that black bar allows us access to Google + and with that the ability to see notifications and they want to make it pop out at you, so the more contrast the better.

  3. google black Reply

    The black google bar is nice if it only stays there for a while. I am already getting tired of it.
    The non intrusive all white google was great and was working brilliantly for google. They are starting to look more and more like bong with the black bar.

  4. Anna Down Under Reply

    I’m on a Mac using Firefox and I don’t see the black bar across the top – instead I get a very big black box on the left side (2.5″ wide by 5″ high) with an icon next to each link name. It’s ugly and I want it to go away! What was wrong with the simple link names across the top? Didn’t get in the way, easy to find what you want – this new style is so in your face and I really don’t like it.

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