Google Plus Invites How To Send and Receive

Google+ is a new social network that Google introduced this Tuesday. Today i am going to tell you how you can send and receive google plus invites. Everybody wants Google Plus invites how to send them is very easy.

Because Google Plus is currently in testing mode only a small number of people have received invites from google. But if you are not the lucky one then follow the tutorial below to receive a google invite and then learn how to send the invites just as easily and invite your friends into the google plus community.

Send a Google+ invite:

1. First get the e-mail address of the person whom you want to invite.

2. When in your Google+ homepage, share a message in your stream. Then below that click the button that says “Add circles or people to share with”.


Click the image to enlarge.

3. Copy and paste the e-mail address of the invitee/invitees and then click Share. Thats it.


If you want to invite a group of people at once, then follow the steps below.

1. Make sure you have all your friends e-mail addresses in your gmail contact list. If not then its time to add them.

2. Click the Circles button. Then click the “Find and Invite” tab. Create a new circle such as ‘Google Plus invites’. Select all the members you want to invite and then drag them into the ‘Google Plus invites’ circle.


3. Go to your Home page. Create a new status and then click “Add circles or people to share with” button. Here select the circle you want to invite, in my case it is “Google Plus invites” circle. Finally click the Share button. All the members in that circle will get a Google+ invite from you.

google plus invites how to send step 3

Receive a Google+ invite:

Tell your friends who already have a Google+ account to send invites as described above. As Google has disabled the invite feature this is the only trick or hack as some people are calling it to invite or get invited from your friends. After you receive a google plus invite in your mailbox you will find a button “Learn more about Google+”. Just click and you are good to go. If your friends don’t yet know of this invite trick share this article with them!

via Business Insider

Alternate: If you find yourself lazy to do that stuff, just request an invite below by sharing your e-mail address. I will send it to you right away. :)

So how did you find this tutorial of Google plus invites how to send and receive them? Do you like Google+ or are you happy with Facebook itself? Make your voice heard by a comment.

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  1. Josie Reply

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  6. Gautam Doddamani Reply

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  12. Skion Reply

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  17. César Olea Reply

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    If you can’t send me to the first direction, please use this Thank you!! this is really cool!! *-*

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      sent it now cesar. if u dont get it, pls goto the site and sign up. registrations are open now it seems! :)

  18. jonny Reply

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  21. GooglePlus Reply

    You can still get Free Google Plus Invites at It’s the only site I know that you can still get invites at right now, since Google stopped allowing the public.

  22. Ken Harrington Reply

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  23. Dan Reply

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    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      i hav sent it to you daniel! :)

      • Dan Reply

        I checked my email and there is nothing in there. Is there a trick to getting it? Or have they shut invites down ? :(

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          they had shut down invites before only. i m using the trick to send invites. for some reason ppl are getting the invites very late lyk after 10hrs or so…wait for it Dan, you will surely get it! :)

  24. Joseph Ward Reply

    I will take an invite if you have any left please.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      sent it now joseph! :)

      • Joseph Ward Reply

        sorry to bother you but i still haven’t received an invite, it has been 14 hours. any suggestions?

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          sent it to you again Joseph. keep trying elsewhere too…sometimes others invites can get u in! :)

  25. Pavan Reply

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    Can you please send me one? my id is apsastry at gmail. Will be great help! friends sent me inviites earlier but i never received them…dont know why!

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      • Pavan Reply

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    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

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      • Shahab Reply

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        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          delivery of the invites is very slow, shahab. giv it atleast 10hrs! :(

          • Shahab

            Thanks Gautam :)))

  27. Oliver Reply

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    • Oliver Reply

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    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      giv it time mike. some users are reporting they got their invites delivered after 10hrs, so slight delay from google side only! :(

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          as backup i hav sent u one more invite! keep trying at different intervals of time…u will surely get in! :)

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      sent it vince. :) pls wait for atleast 24hrs to receive the invitation. lot of ppl are already complaining the invites are getting delivered to them very late. :(

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    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      sent it! :) yes colt. invites are getting delivered very late. we should just wait for sometime…my friends got the invite after 2 days! :(

  66. niña Reply

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    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

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        • Roz Reply

          Hi Gautam, I still can’t seem to get in else I am doing to wrong, I clicked on the ‘learn more about Google+’ but it went to the “Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.” is that what I am suppose to do, keep checking until I have access or wait for an actual invite to arrive in my email account? Thanks in advance for you help

        • Roz Reply

          Thanks Gautam its working…woo hoo!

  68. Steve Coleman Reply

    Thanks for the invite! But it doesn’t seem to work :( I am clicking the learn more button and it still takes me straight to the ‘we are not accepting invites’ page, is there anything I should do to access it that I may not be doing?


    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      pls wait. the systems get overloaded with requests very often. try it after sometime. for backup i have sent to you one more invite. :)

      • Steve Coleman Reply

        Thank you! I really hope it works, been dying to get it working! Has anyone else told you they still can’t get on?

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          no steve. everyone is getting the invites but very late. some are getting fast and some are receiving it after one or two days…its just a matter of time till everyone gets it! :)

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        • Sally Reply

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        • Eric Reply

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          • Gautam Doddamani

            i sent it to you again, eric. keep trying u wil get in somehow! :)

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      thats great edwin. google+ on android is a double enjoyment! i too am loving sending invites and socialising on it…it is much fun than facebook. sent it to you! :)

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    is there a way to find out who I’ve sent invites to already?

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      Martin, if you have sent the invites in groups like to a particular circle…then its easy to track. but i you hav sent them individually by e-mail, then i don’t think its possible! :(

  203. charlie Reply

    Can I have one, oh kind sir ?

  204. Doug Dingus Reply

    Would love a invite! Thanks in advance.

  205. Tariq Reply

    Any chance of an invite? :)

  206. Tfejs Reply

    Pleeease send me an invite!!! :D

  207. Stephen Reply

    Gautam, Could you send me an invite too.. Please.. Thanks a lot is my id…

  208. Greg Reply

    I’m going to have to ask as well…an invite would be great, if they are still about!

    themoonmonster at

  209. Subodh bhatkar Reply please send me an invitation as soon as possible. Thanx in advance :)

  210. Lei Reply

    Hello, Gautam. I am so interested.. Can u also send me an invite.. please?

    Thank you so much. :)

  211. Isabelle Reply

    Can you send me an invite. A thousand thanks….

  212. Hans Reply

    Would like a invite, thx in advance…

  213. luke Reply

    please can i have one gautam doddamani?


  214. sun Reply

    pls invite me :(

  215. Sam Reply

    Would love an invite thanks

  216. Rick Cain Reply

    I would love to have an invite….thanks….

  217. Abhijeet Reply

    Hey Mr. Gautam…. I too would like an invite…

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      sent it abhijeet! :)

      • Abhijeet Reply

        Thank you Mr. Gautam… loads of…

        By the way whats ur take on this new service from google….

        I too will let u know how it is…

        Thank You…

  218. George Reply

    I would love a google plus invite. My email address is thanks a ton!

  219. Alex Reply

    Anyone still scanning these? phoenixfive {at} verizon (dot) net

  220. Pramod Nair Reply


    Can you please sent me an invite. I having been trying to get one without any luck.


  221. Andy Reply

    Would love an invite please!!!

  222. Niall Reply

    Can I get an invite please? Thanks

  223. Reply

    Invite me! Thanks!

  224. Robert Garcia Reply

    Can I get one? I’m dying on cancer, and I would like to have one before I die. I will die next thursday, so i don’t have much time. I will thank you the rest of my life.

  225. Cody Reply

    Would love an invite if you’ve still got any. Thanks!!

  226. Krista Reply

    Invite please?

  227. Matt Sparks Reply

    Please send me an invite. Thank you in advance! We all appreciate your time!

  228. francisp Reply

    give me an invite please?

    thanks in advance :)

  229. vibhor Reply
    an invite please..
    thanks a ton.

  230. mtberharry Reply

    would be very greatful for an invite thanks

  231. Mark Reply

    Would greatly appreciate an invite. Thank you in advance!

  232. amol Reply

    plz invite me :)

  233. Lawrence carslake Reply

    I’d very much appreciate an invite
    many thanks!

  234. Grant Reply

    Would love an invite too, Gautam! Thanks!

  235. Tarcy Reply

    I would love an invite if you have one available. Thanks!

  236. Ram Reply

    love to have one!

    Thanks in advance.

  237. Keiron Reply

    Can I have one?

  238. Matt Gardner Reply

    Would appreciate an invite. Thanks in advance!

  239. EA Reply

    Would love an invite too, Gautam! Thanks!

  240. Serbiana Reply

    Any spares please feel free to share with this lovely lady!!!

  241. Reply

    Can I have one :D?

  242. DonGeno Reply

    Could I have a Google+ invite, please?

  243. TJ Reply

    please send me one

  244. KY Reply

    Google + invite me… thx.

  245. Emannxx Reply

    Hi, can you send me one too? Thank you :)

  246. Jason Reply

    Would love an invite.

  247. Kiara Reply

    Looking for an invite please if you can.

  248. Micah Reply

    I would love an invite!!

  249. Jimbo Reply

    I’d love an invite if anybody’s willing to send me one, Thank you in advance….

  250. Saad Reply

    send me an invite please. Thank you.

  251. Riku Reply

    If anyone has still some spare invitations left, I would love to have one.


  252. Sam W Reply

    Could some absolutely LOVELY person send an invite to please? :D

  253. David Watts Reply

    Any invites left? Thanks a lot!!

  254. Frankie Reply

    Someone send me an invite! I will do anything..and I mean…anything…

  255. Tanya Smith Reply

    Please send a invite

  256. Isak Reply

    I would really like and invite ! :)

  257. Pedro Reply

    invite pls tks.

  258. Tyler Reply

    Can i get an invite please? ive been trying to find one for days. thanks..

  259. James Reply


    If there are any invites left then I’d love one :-)


  260. Dragon Reply

    Could maybe think on me :) and send me invite? pleeeeeaseeeee :))
    pretty please :)

  261. alston Reply

    please send invite


  262. AiMei Reply

    I had a quick question. I love the simple layout of your sharing buttons at the end of your post where it says “Enjoyed this article, share it” Is there any way to get that on my blogspot hosted site?

  263. Brian Bailey Reply

    I’d really appreciate an invite

  264. Steve Reply

    Any way I could get an invite? Would love to have one!


  265. Madar Reply

    Hi Gautam, can you hook me up? Thanks in advance.

  266. John Lucero Reply

    I’d appreciate it if you can send me one. Thanks.

  267. tseven Reply

    pleas invite me 2 google+ – . thanks :)

  268. Loveyu Reply

    hello!! Will u send me an invite?

  269. Sepulnation Reply plz if someone could send an invite i would be grateful

  270. MeinuMeinu Reply

    Hi please may you send me one?

    Many thanks :)

  271. loveyu79 Reply

    thanks got the invite!! is there anyway we can delete my comment with my email showing. i’m getting a ridiculous amount of spam. thanks again!!!

  272. tseven Reply

    @Gautam thanks 4 invited me 2 G :)

  273. Charlotte Reply

    Invite please? :)

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      sent u charlotte! :)

      • Charlotte Reply

        I haven’t gotten it :/
        Maybe try this email address? It’s my other one.

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          sent it to you again charlotte. hope it works this time :)

          • Charlotte

            Hmmm still didn’t work :( Oh well!

          • Gautam Doddamani

            i m sorry charlotte…i sent it to you 2 times…i don’t know wots going wrong. :( :'(

  274. Kubr1ck Reply

    If you still can I’d love an invite – kubr1ck2@ you know who. Thanks :-)

  275. Noradelia Reply

    Hey! Your article is really awesome. I would appreciate it if you could send me an invite! Here’s my email. I don’t really know if I can give you any types of emails account so to be safe, I’ll just give you both.

    Anyway, looking forward to your invite! Much thanks.

  276. TR Reply

    Could I have an invite, please?

  277. Gurdeep Mattu Reply

    Hey please send me a google+ invite to

    Thank you so much!!!!! :-)

  278. Mini Reply

    Hey, I requested an invite from a friend a few days ago, still haven’t received, could you please send me an invite. I’d be quite grateful

  279. Fouchour Reply


    Would you please send me an invite

    thanks! :)

  280. Saagar Reply

    hey! if you are still at it, can you drop me an invite at saagargavri@gmail

  281. Sohail Reply

    I am also giving out free invites if anyone is still looking to get one

  282. Neg R Reply

    i want an invite please!!!!!!

  283. Donnie V Reply

    can i get an invite

  284. Tom r Reply

    Could i possibly have an invite please. Thank you

  285. Adam T Reply

    Any chance of an invite?


  286. Jetron Reply

    can I get an invite? I have my e-mail checked already! :D thanks.

  287. Vudu Reply

    Hello would you please invite me?

  288. Kia Reply

    I would like an invite please. Thank you!

  289. Al Reply

    Hi! Can I get an invite too, pretty please? :D Thanks!

  290. agnese Reply

    hey! can i please get an invite? :3 thank you!
    my gmail is

  291. João Reply

    Hello! Would you mind sending me an invite? The adress is

    Thanks in advance!

  292. nelum Reply

    plz…i need an inv itation for this….mail me an invitation at

  293. Ben Reply

    Hey, could you please invite me?
    Thanks :)

  294. Ashley Reply

    I’d like one, too, if you don’t mind! Thank you so much. :3

  295. gab0ru Reply

    Hey, could you invite me? PLEASE

  296. Menthex Reply

    Heya, could you invite me, please? :)

  297. Garrett H Reply

    Hey, I’d love an invite if you can spare one :)


  298. Tyler Mangum Reply

    WOuld really like an invite please :D

  299. Monk Reply

    Dear Gautam Doddamani,

    Can you please kindly sent me a google plus invitation if you still have one? My email address :

    Thank you very much

  300. Greg Reply

    Hi, if are able to spare an invite I would appreciate one.
    Thank you!

  301. Nessa Reply

    Hi, can you please send me an invite too?
    Much appreciated!

  302. Sal Reply

    I’ve been trying to see what google plus is all about and would love to get an invite!
    Please and thank you!! :P

  303. Jake Reply

    Would be awesome if I could get an invite. :)

  304. HostBoxs Reply

    Can you please kindly sent me a google plus invitation if you still have one?
    My email address :

    Thank you!

  305. Blakyce Reply

    Would love to get an invite.

  306. rock Reply

    If you have a moment a invite to google+ would be most appreciated. Thank you

  307. Quietpanic Reply

    Desperately need an invite please!

  308. Shawn Fennell Reply

    Are you still doing invites? If so, I’d luuuurv one. :)

    A buddy has been trying to send me invites, but for some reason his invites don’t come through to me. :/

  309. Dion Reply

    Can you send me an invite?

  310. Karyn Donahue Reply

    Would love to get an invite please and thank you!

  311. LOUIS BAZILE Reply

    Could you send me an invite ? Thank you !

  312. Georgia Reply

    great post, would love an invite if any left?
    Thx G

  313. Karl Reply

    Any invites left?

  314. Josh b Reply

    Thank you so much for the info but I’m lazy lol here’s my email please when you can send a invite

  315. Olly Reply

    I’d love to get an invite. My lazy friend can’t be bothered to figure out how to do it. Thanks if possible.

  316. NickC Reply

    I would be ecstatic if an invite found its way to the inbox of ncastro340@gmail !!!
    Whenever a window of time presents itself for you, this would be totally awesome!
    Thank you

  317. Daniël Wauben Reply

    Thanks in advance if you would find the time to send me an invite:



  318. jaiby joseph Reply

    ..friend ..send me a google plus invitation….

  319. Adam Reply

    Hi, could you send me an invite? Thanks!

  320. Gatis Reply

    Please me to

  321. Fredric Reply

    If you still have some would love to get one invite.

  322. Karina Reply

    Could i get one please! thanks

  323. Sсhutkiу Alехеу Reply

    Hi, could you send me an invite too? Thanks! Schutskiy.Alexey (at)

  324. Taitska Reply

    Hi, it would be great if you can invite me also. Many thanks in advance!

  325. z.d Reply

    Could i get one invite please.
    Thanks in advance!

  326. Beulah Reply

    I’d Love an invite. please send me one.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      sent u beulah! :)

      • Beulah Reply

        Sorry Gautam. Think i gave you the wrong address while i was dancing for joy for getting an invite finally! Could you send me one plz!

  327. Laura Reply

    I’d like a G+ invite! If you give me one, I’ll make you cookies and mail you a picture of them! Yay!

  328. Vincent Reply

    Would u please send me one invitation too? Thanks

  329. Vincent Reply

    Wow that was super quick! Thanks from Germany

  330. Diamond Reply

    Can I please get an invite?

  331. Clarie Reply

    Hi there,
    Are you still sending out invites? Appreciate if you could send me one.


    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      sent it to you claire! :)

      • Clarie Reply

        THANKS MATE!!!!!
        Now, all i have to do is figure it out.

        Cheers to the good work you do..!

  332. seomaster440 Reply

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    We just have to see how google treats them. Another place to buy google plus votes is
    Will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next few months.

  333. Laura Reply

    omg! I spelled my email wrong. It’s could you send an invite to that address? I’ll mail you TWO pictures of the cookies! Again, sorry!

    Thanks so much!

  334. Nightinggale Reply

    Are you sending invites? :D Can you send me one? Would really be glad to join Google+

    More power to you! ;D

  335. Nightinggale Reply

    heyy, Is it possible to use a yahoo email address for google plus? If not stated above is my gmail account. Thanks for all the help! Really appreciate it :D

    Best Regards,

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      of course nightingale…u can use your gmail address too..i hav sent it to ur yahoo address. :)

  336. Nightinggale Reply

    Hi again :D thanks for sending me the invite to my other account. However, Google+ doesn’t allow me to access it due to the age bracket (didn’t know that before -_-“) and I think they have blocked my account. :(
    Can you pleeeeaaaase send me another invite to my email add stated above? Thank you very much! I really appreciate your great help!

    More power! :)

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      sent it to u again nightingale…enter ur age 19 or above. :) u wil surely get in.

      • Nightinggale Reply

        You’ve sent it to my email? how come I haven’t receive it yet? :(
        I’m so desperate to join Google+ . It IS simply AWESOME \m/ :(

  337. koyut Reply

    Would appreciate the invite. Also do I need to type the email add or is this good?

  338. Boydy Reply

    I’d love a G+ invite, if you still have some going?

  339. Alex Reply

    Could somebody send me an invite please.

  340. kati Reply

    still going? would be really grateful for an invite. especially if it means I can shut up all the friends whining about not having received one yet!

  341. jiyun Reply

    may i have an invite? please?

  342. James Reply

    I’d love to check out Google + and therefore was wondering if you could kindly send me an invite too? Many Thanks

  343. &i3 Reply

    May I pretty please with a cherry on top have an invite? Would be awesome! Thank you :D

  344. Raghu Reply

    Please give me one invite. Thanks

  345. Rafik Reply

    I would love to get a google+ invite please…


  346. Walt Reply

    I would love an invite! Thanks!

  347. Walt Reply

    Thanks a lot!

  348. Hithesh Reply

    Can i Get an Invite Plz?

  349. Hamad Reply

    Plz can someone invite me plz ! If you do thanx :)

  350. Hamad Reply

    Thanx :)

  351. Awakino Reply

    send me an invite please thanks

  352. zoidar Reply

    Send me an email please. :D

  353. anbu Reply

    can i have one pls –

  354. Nada Reply

    Could you pls send me a invitation I would b so Thankful (:

  355. Jensen Reply

    If ya find the time an invite would be much appreciated!

  356. dev Reply

    You are so generous. Please send me one. Thanks

  357. Don Heller Reply

    I have been waiting a while for an invite. If you are still able to send one out it would be greatly appreciated! You are awesome for this BTW!

  358. Abhishek Reply

    been trying 2 get an invite for some time now, pleaz send, if u do, ur the best mate, no one more awesome than u, thnx in advance

  359. JK Reply

    You are a legend. Could you please send me one?? Thanks

  360. Abhishek Reply

    thanx a lot gautam, ur a real champ mate

  361. Abhishek Reply

    hey mate, why does it keep saying that i must be over a certain age 2 join and how do i overcome this??? pleaz help tyhanx in advance

  362. Abhishek Reply

    Hey gautam, pleaz send me an invite, it didnt work last time mate, thanx

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi abhishek it doesn’t work if u r below 18 years of age but u can use other email addresses. anyway don’t worry, this tym i sent it to ur yahoo email id! :)

  363. davidq Reply

    Hi. I’d love an invite if you have time to spare and don’t mind. ^_^

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi david. google+ is open to public now, u can get in without an invite! sent it to u anyway! :)

  364. tranh Reply

    cool info. thanks

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