Google Plus Page How to create one for your blog, brand or site easily

Here is a Google Plus Page how to create tutorial for your blog or site. Follow these easy and simple steps and setup your Google+ page in less than 2 minutes.

Google Plus Pages were recently launched by Google in order to promote worldwide brands, businesses and products on the Google Plus social network. Earlier there wasn’t a provision to create a brand profile on Google+, as Google Plus was strictly restricted to creating individual person profiles only. Now Google Plus team has made it easier for us to follow a unique idea or a favorite company on Google Plus by introducing us its new official Google Plus Pages.

Read on below on Google Plus Page how to create one tutorial and make it public in just minutes!

Step 1: Go to while logged in to your Google account.

Step 2: Choose what kind of page you want to create. Is it related to a brand, a product you are endorsing, a company you are representing or just a leisure page about Movies and Entertainment, take your pick.

google plus page how to create one

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Step 3: Now enter your page name. If your brand has an official website then fill it in the Website field. Now select a category which best defines your brand or product. Now select your page’s visibility and then click the check box where it says I agree to the Pages Terms and I am authorized to create this page. Next click the Create button.

Specify your brand name for google plus page

NOTE: Even if you specify an age restriction, your page will still be visible to everybody. Only certain features of your page will be locked, which can be accessed by the eligible candidates only.

Step 4: Upload a nice profile picture to represent your brand and crop it the way you like and when you think its ready click Set as profile photo button. Finally give a nice tagline to go with your page and then click the Continue button.

Step 5: Now share your new Google Plus page with your friends and family. As soon as you click Finish you will land onto the dashboard of your page. Congratulations, your Google+ page is now live.

share your new google plus page

Start interacting with your page.Whenever you want to use Google+ as yourself, then click the drop down button below your profile pic and select your individual profile.

Now if you are happy with our tutorial about  Google Plus Page how to create one for your blog, then please +1 our official page on Google Plus by following this link! Thanks.

Share your views about Google Plus Pages and do you think it will beat Facebook Pages, let us know by a comment!

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  1. Praveen Kumar Reply

    Wow, so good very useful post, i like this post.

  2. john Reply

    I Setup my a G+ page for my website a few days ago. it was a breeze.

    What i do wonder is if there is a way to automaticly use Google + as the page and not the personal one.

    What i mean is that when i log in it defaults to the private account while i’d like it to go straight to the Page so i don’t accidentially share stuff on my private circles ;)

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi john…i think that’s possible only when you create a google+ page with the e-mail address that’s not associated with any other google+ account. if you have an associated google+ account then it will always open up your default page first that you first created! :)

  3. Pamie Reply

    I like your post it really help a lot and very useful..Thanks..

  4. olivia34newton Reply

    This is a great tutorial, so useful for us who wants to create personal site. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ethel Reply

    thanks for the tutorial, it’s easy to follow. you rock!

  6. Printing Texas Reply

    You shine! Its been great to know about the information that you have shared. Liked reading and knowing it. I’m surely gonna try this out.

  7. offsite data protection Reply

    Thanks for sharing this information. how to connect G+ in over site

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