Google Semantic Search Concept will blow you away!

Google Semantic search concept is a whole new way of looking at, what and how we search terms on Google. The Search engines have become more friendly. Check out what Google’s been upto!

Google’s got some exciting new stuff going on with their search engines! I feel that it’s not only changing the way we operate today, but that sci-fi notion of having a robot buddy next to you 24/7 to answer your questions is on its way to reality – or, if you’re craving a little bit of nostalgia, the way Navi was to Link in the Legend of Zelda.

Now, I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but with the latest of Panda and Penguin developments, a new breed of search is emerging. The advent of Siri is only speeding up the process.

This new breed of search is coined “Semantic Search”, because it takes into account not only keywords (as Google did in its early days), but now understands how certain word pairs are perhaps one relative idea.

Semantic search, in Layman’s terms, is the ability for search engines to understand what we mean by our search query. On August 8th 2012, a few head search engineers at Google got together and hosted a conference regarding all the new features coming out in the Google of tomorrow. I highly encourage y’all to take a look at this to familiarize yourself with it. I saw this video a couple nights ago, and the concept blew me away.

This is the technology that my Navi will be using in the future, when I wake up and ask “what’s for breakfast, Navi?”. Oh, skip to 11:00 or so if you just want to see the jist of it. It’s a pretty long video running at 16:27.

The whole concept of semantic search gives me the notion that a new form of black hat SEO will need to be developed, to game the system. The good news is that good ole fashioned White Hat search engine optimization using real content will become ever stronger.

As technology improves, so must the black market to keep up with the trend. Well, that’s besides the point. I’m just happy that bloggers will get their dues with this brand new Google development.

With that, I’m out and I hope you enjoyed reading this short post. If you have the time to read, I encourage you to read this article as it is a very interesting take on the wolfram vs google concept.


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