How Google Plus Events Can Help You and Your Business

Lets look at how google plus events can help you and your business. Google+ events was recently launched, just 5 days back, and here’s a glimpse of why this event planner is more friendly for you as a whole.

Event Planners: The Need for them

These days not only Business Professionals but also young teenagers use smart Event Planners to organize their everyday appointments.

How Google Plus Events can help you - Introduction

Google+ Events Intro

And being an Android user myself, i heavily rely on Google Calendar, to know about the upcoming parties and meetings that i have to attend to. I have also put a widget on my Phone’s homescreen just for the ease.

Google Plus Events and Google Calendar

Now you must be wondering why i am talking about Google Calendar. Be patient i will get to it. I have been using Google+ Events for a few days now and the most delighting feature i found on it was its seamless integration with Google Calendar.

Vic Gundotra (the GodFather of Google+) was the first to bring up this idea, as it would help millions of Droid users who were already using Google Calendar as their prime Event Planners.

Apart from offering Google Calendar, these Events are a part of the Social Network, Google’s very own Google+, with which you can invite people already in your Google Contacts. Isn’t that a great idea?

So lets take a look on how google plus events can help you to plan more systematically and manage your business more efficiently.

Google Plus Events packs some cool Features for you!

1. Google+ Events offers you a bunch of GIF animations to use when sending an invitation. You can also attach a YouTube video to the event to make it more personalized.

How Google Plus Events can help you - New event

Screenshot showing how to make a new Google Plus Event

2. With the help of Google Calendar, you hear about the events in Real time. The minute you get invited to an event on Google+, you will receive an update in your Calendar.

3. Google Plus’s great privacy features makes sure you only invite people who you want. You can invite an entire circle of friends to your Bachelor Party and go Public about it or keep it short and sweet and include your very close friends.

Google+ Events also gives you an option to Go on Air i.e. anyone will be able to see your event and share it to other party.

4. Google+ Events Exclusive “Party Mode” feature lets you see photos and updates from the party as it happens. Its like live blogging, but only better. You can capture your pics when in the party, and those pics will instantly appear in streams of people who have enabled the Party Mode.

This way everyone knows where you and your friends are hanging out or getting hooked up with your Ex’es! ;)

5. Google+ “Event Highlights” lets you revisit those moments. All the Party pics and video attachments will appear when the event is over on that particular event page. I personally think this is a really cool feature.

Many event planning apps we see do not store any information regarding that event after it gets over, this Google+ feature is a nice way to rekindle those memories and visit those forgotten moments anytime.

I have more people in my Google Contacts than my Facebook account, so Google+ Events is in a way, a life-saver to me. So what smart ways are you adopting to organize your everyday appointments, we would definitely like to know about them.

Let us know in the comments, if Google+ Events has helped you in making your life simpler!

Source: The Official Google Blog

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