How To: Add Disclaimer link at the bottom of your Feeds

Easily add disclaimer link at the bottom of your feeds with the help of this tutorial and protect your feeds from blindly being copied.

There are many fake domains emerging daily, and they try so hard to create backlinks and copy original content from authority sites, and sometimes they even succeed. In the end its the authority site that get penalized by Google. Spammers are very clever, what they are not is creative!

How do Spammers Work?

Let me now tell you how they work. They subscribe to your feeds. As soon as an article gets published on your blog, they copy it line by line and post it on their blog. They even copy the outbound links and images from the article, as i said they are very lazy! Ultimately your blog will get affected with content plagiarism.

What’s that Million Dollar Solution?

So how to prevent this from happening? Get smarter than the spammers by inserting a small disclaimer link pointing back to your site on each of your feed. By doing this spammers will also copy the disclaimer link and Google will assume that as the spammy site is linking back to your site, you are the authority site.

In the end, we will get a link back from that spammy site, and also not get hit by the Google Panda algorithm (which aims to lower the rank of sites with low quality/duplicate content).

So how to add this disclaimer link to your feeds? Follow the steps given below.

Using RSS Footer plugin:

Step 1: Install and activate the RSS Footer plugin by Joost.

Step 2: Go to the RSS footer options page. Here you can input anything in the Content to put in the Footer box field such as:

<strong>Disclaimer:</strong> This is a post from <a href=””>REVTHATUP TECHNOLOGY BLOG</a>. Copying the content of this feed is strictly prohibited.

Step 3: Make sure the content position is after the feed as spammers can easily spot your disclaimer line if it is placed above the content. Also check the box where it says, Include a link back to the post for extra protection.

Finally click on Update Settings and Ping your RSS feed. You should be able to see the Disclaimer line below each of your feed.

Using WordPress SEO Plugin:

If you are already using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast then there is no need to follow the method given above. The custom RSS feature is already a part of the seo plugin.

Step 1: From the WordPress sidebar, hover on the SEO tab and then click on RSS option. Here input this in the Content to put after each post box:

Disclaimer: "%%POSTLINK%%" is a post from: %%BLOGLINK%%

Now you are all done! With this extra measure you are protecting all your feeds from getting scraped in the future.

We are also using the Disclaimer line in our feeds, if you want you can check out our RSS Feed.

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