How To: Add or Change Moderators for your Facebook Page

This tutorial will brush you up in how to add or change moderators for your facebook page in 3 simple steps. Recently Facebook has been releasing a slew of changes and this is the second part.

In our previous tutorial, we told you how to schedule and promote a post on your facebook page which plays a major role in increasing your page likes and creates an engaging community. In this post we will go through the process of adding managers and various other administrator roles for your facebook page.

Step 1: Log onto your Facebook page and click Edit page located on the Admin Panel. Now click on Admin roles.

Step 2: Type in the email address of the person you want to give a role and click the drop down box. Here you can specify which roles you can assign to a person. See this chart for the permissions assigned to various Admin roles and decide for yourself.

Add or Change moderators for your facebook page - screenshot 1

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Note: We can have unlimited number of administrators for a Facebook Page.

Step 3: After making all the changes, hit Save. Now Facebook will ask you for your password as an added security measure and finally click on Confirm to save all your changes. That’s it.

Facebook also gives you an opportunity to highlight your Facebook profile on your Facebook page, this feature is known as Featured Page Owner. Adding a Featured page owner to your Facebook page is very easy.

Just click on Edit Page and select the Featured tab. Here click on Featured Page Owners and select your Facebook Profile. Now your profile will be linked to your Facebook page and your Facebook page will appear on your profile about page.

Add or Change moderators for your facebook page - screenshot 2

If you would like to feature other pages on your Facebook page, first use Facebook as your page and then like a page on Facebook. Now come back to the Featured tab and click on Add featured likes and select the page you liked earlier.

Adding admin roles to your Facebook page is very essential for any business. Managing comments, likes and interacting with your readers regularly can be a very strenuous task, that’s where moderators come in handy. Giving permissions to a certain user can be very difficult at times, especially because spam levels have risen. But now Facebook has broken down roles into so many positions, from content creators to advertisers, setting Facebook page admins is a piece of cake.

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