How To: Disable posting on your Facebook Wall to avoid Spam

In this article you will learn how to disable posting on your facebook wall to avoid unwanted spam, in 3 simple steps. This tutorial is written in a step by step procedure so that it becomes easy to understand even for Facebook noobs.

At the end of the day doesn’t it disappoint you, when you log in to your Facebook account, only to find notifications that you have been tagged in a spammy post. Nowadays, i am seeing a lot of Facebook applications which are illegally trying to spread spam to other users on the social network.

You can identify a spam post on Facebook rather easily these days. When one of your friend’s account gets infected with spam on Facebook he keeps tagging you on unrelated posts very often. The links will be very misleading and sometimes may contain explicit content. So i guess its obvious that you should avoid clicking on such posts. The new Facebook Profile Review feature has made it a lot easier for us to delete posts in which we are tagged before they become visible to everyone.

Here is a simple way to disable those spammy facebook apps from automatically posting on to your Facebook wall or tagging you in suspicious posts.

Step 1: Click on the drop down symbol beside the Home link residing at the top bar. Now go to Privacy Settings.


Step 2: Make sure you have selected the Custom Tab. Now click on Edit Settings where it says How you connect.

Disable posting on your Facebook Wall - Click on Edit settings

Step 3: Glance down and check what’s written at the right side of Who can post on your Timeline? option. If Friends is checked, please uncheck it, and select Only me option.

Disable posting on your Facebook Wall - Select the only me option

That’s it. Now you have full control over your Timeline. Only you can make posts on your Facebook wall. Even if you have allowed other applications and people to write on your wall, they can’t post anything now since you have disabled Facebook wall posting for everyone except you.

Many people don’t know how to disable their Facebook walls from automatic posting. Please do share this article with your friends to lessen the spam on the social network. Help in making Facebook a better place. Thank You.

Wasn’t this tutorial on how to disable posting on your facebook wall easy? If you found this article  interesting, please share your comment with us!

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