How To Effectively Share Your Posts on Social Networks to go Viral

Check out how to effectively share your posts on social networks so that your content goes viral. Visually appealing links sure gets the notice of your readers, and they are bound to click on it. Learn how to master those techniques on social networks such as Facebook or Google+.

Many Bloggers have made a false assumption that sharing only on the most popular social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter) helps their posts gets noticed, Wrong! Sometimes you have to go from a small step to a big step. Sharing on all the social networks is equally important and beneficial.

Using Pinging services to share your blog posts on social networking sites will barely make any difference because those apps just post a link to your article, and nothing else. Your friends and other readers on that social network will probably mark it as spam.

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So lets find out how to share posts on social networks the right way so that people actually notice and click on it.

1. Have an attractive Headline

I suppose you may have heard about this technique many times, but they don’t talk about it, if its not effective. Sharing posts with a creative title can make readers flock to your post like bees since its the very first thing that gets noticed. Learn the ways to create a driving headline by visiting tech sites and observing. Check out how they use headlines to convey their message to readers.

For starters, follow these tips:

  • Ask questions to your readers such as posts which begin with the phrase “Did You Know” or “What to do if” go well because it grows curiosity among readers
  • If your post is a list (collection) of apps or other resources, title it with a number like “5 Best Applications for…” or “Top 7 things to do”
  • If you are writing a tutorial about something, then do add the phrase “How To” at the beginning of the title, so that people will know that it is a guide. For e.g. check out the title of this very post!
  • Don’t cheat your readers by giving a false headline so that people will click on your posts, doing this might cause people to block you
  • Don’t forget to add all-time trending keywords like “Apple” or “Google” if your post is about them
  • Lastly, always make sure your title isn’t duplicate of an already existing post, googling the title can help you take care of this problem

2. Add images to your posts

This is a pretty standard procedure for attracting people in one shot. Images convey feelings to people almost instantly, so decision to click or not click on your post is made at that very instant.

  • Remember to always convey a good feeling to readers
  • Don’t attach NSFW images, doing so will drive them away and sometimes even block you
  • Post high-res pics when you can, sometimes they will also wanna download them
  • Limit your images to 1-3 per article when sharing, if you attach more, then people might think you have a photo sharing website lol
  • Always make sure you are attaching images which relate to your post, otherwise readers will assume you are blindly copy pasting from Google
  • Lastly, try to create original featured image for your posts so that it gets indexed on Google images too

3. Tag your links with trending topics

Tagging your posts while sharing gives you 3 main advantages:

  • People will easily find your post when they search for that tag, which means high visibility
  • New people might follow seeing you share the same interests as they do, which gets you many more followers
  • Your friends can easily tell what your post is about by seeing just the tag

4. Time your posts for sharing

Sharing posts on the right time is very essential. Let’s see how you can take care of this:

  • Sharing your article at the right moment will let people know at what time you are active on the social network. Sometimes your avid readers also log in to the social network just to read your posts.
  • People can find out at what time your site feed updates, so if you are regularly posting at the same time and they like your content, it may also lead them to subscribe to your feed directly
  • Using auto sharing apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc can make sure to deliver your posts on the social network on time, even when you fail to do so! (only a few social networks currently support the buffer app such as facebook, twitter and linkedin)

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5. Promote your Posts

This is the most surefire way to make your content get noticed. Promoting a post i.e. advertising on a social network guarantees that your audience is unlimited.

  • People from all over the world can check out your post since your advertising area is not limited
  • If readers like your content they will follow you or your community page and get subscribed as well
  • When someone likes or shares your promoted post, it will automatically get recommended to his/her friends, thereby increasing your post visibility
  • Promoting a post also gives you detailed statistics of how one of your posts is performing (no. of views, clicks, etc) on a social network so that in future you can plan on how to effectively advertise, and take care of the do’s and dont’s.

viral post statistics

These are the 5 ways i follow to make my content get noticed on social networks. If you have any other better ideas of sharing posts, do let me know in the comments.

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