How To: Import Chrome bookmarks from Windows to Mac and Vice Versa

Here is a quick and short tutorial on how to import chrome bookmarks from windows to mac and vice versa. This tutorial is very helpful for those who are new to MAC OS and want their primary browser to be Chrome always.

I guess you would have saved a lot of bookmarks in your Chrome browser on a Windows machine, i myself being a power blogger have 120 or so bookmarks and i would just hate it if i were to lose ‘em all. So i decided to write this tutorial for users who want to import their Chrome bookmarks from Windows to their Macs quickly in just 1 minute.

Import bookmarks from windows to mac
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On your Windows machine:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click the wrench icon and now hover over the Bookmarks option and then click on Bookmark manager.

Step 3: Now just click on the Organize button and finally click on Export Bookmarks to HTML file.

Step 4: Save the HTML file and transfer it to a pen drive or any other portable device.

On your MAC:

Step 1: Follow the same steps as above till Step 2 and then at Step 3 instead of Export, click on Import Bookmarks from HTML file.

Step 2: Browse to the location where you had earlier saved your bookmarks on the pen drive.

That’s it, your bookmarks must be now visible on your Bookmarks bar. If not, please restart your Chrome browser to see ‘em.

Wasn’t this easy, than to create all your bookmarks from scratch. Not only MAC, this tutorial is applicable to whichever computer you are sitting on. Because Google Chrome’s extensions are independent of which operating system you are using, you can easily transfer Chrome files to and from all your computers.

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    Nice it is very easy & quick bookmarking i like your post, this is very useful.

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