Mac Tutorial: How to install applications in Mac OS X

Today i was just whiling away time on my Mac when i discovered why not write a tutorial on How to install applications in Mac! Many newbies to Mac find it a little hard on setting up programs for the first time. Some users after downloading an app from the internet don’t know how to install applications in Mac OS X operating system. This tutorial is meant for those beginners, oh and also greetings to you on purchasing a new MAC. Congrats!

This tutorial can be easily explained in three simple steps:

Step 1 – Download any application from the internet that you want to install it on your Mac and make sure the file extension is .dmg (MAC OS X Disk Image file). DMG file is a mountable disk image standard created in the MAC OS which when opened mounts a virtual disk on the desktop. More information about the .dmg extension can be found here. For demonstration purposes i have downloaded Mozilla Firefox. After downloading the application you will get a disk image file as seen above,  in my case it is Firefox 4.0.1.dmg

Step 2 – Just copy the downloaded file to your Applications folder or you can also drag it into the App folder located in your docklet. It will automatically get installed. The installation procedure is the same for every other MAC software, you can check out other cool apps available for your MAC right here.

Step 3 – Open the App folder from your dock and locate your install program icon. Click it and you are good to go. For easy access you can drag the icon from the App folder into your docklet. The program will be then pinned to your dock.

Thats it! Easy isn’t it? Now you know how to install applications in Mac. To your surprise i once was stuck in the same situation, fortunately there was GOOGLE for me!

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  1. Christine Reply

    Hi! I’m having a problem with installing programs and was wondering if you could help. When I drag .dmg files into my Applications folder, it just copies another .dmg file into the folder. When I click the new file in the folder, it opens up the “Drag this into the Applications folder” window. This happened with several applications already! What do I do?

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      Hi Christine. If you find dragging and dropping uneasy, you can also go for a simple method.

      Just double click the .dmg file. The file will automatically get mounted, you will get a new window, as you said “Drag this into Applications folder” window. Don’t drag it just double click the application icon (not Application folder). You will get a warning that “This application is downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you wish to open this file”, Just click on open button and the program will get installed and will open as soon as the installation has finished.

      Tell me if this solved ur problem! :)

  2. Newbie Reply

    very helpful thanks!

  3. dh Reply

    This was very helpful, thank you. I’m a wiz on PC/Windows, but just learning Mac OS (and iOS) for first time. Very, very different. Thanks again.

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