How To: Link image to Parent Post Page in WordPress

This is a guide on how to link image to parent post page in wordpress. As you know wordpress opens an image in your posts in a new page known as attachment page.

How you are unknowingly increasing your site bounce rate?

Opening images in new pages, is not considered a good SEO practice as it increases the site bounce rate. Most of the people reading your article, when they choose to click on the images in the post, they are expecting to enlarge it, and not be taken to a new page with no content in it. Also doing this gives spammers a good chance to copy your images from the link page.

So you now understand what are the consequences of linking an image to its own page and how it will affect your site.

The right way of linking images in your articles

Now let’s see how you can avoid these, by following a simple set of steps.

Technique 1: Use Lightbox Plugins

Implement the Lightbox effect, so that whenever people click on images they will get an enlarged view of the original image in the same page. This method will also improve the user experience on your site.

The best lighbox plugin that i can recommend is Lightbox Plus, since it is easy use and you just have to add the rel=”lightbox” attribute for your images to activate the overlay effect.

Technique 2: Link image to Parent Post page

By linking an image to its parent page, you are actually redirecting it to the post page. This technique adds to your Site SEO as the image urls will never be crawled by bots, because they can never get to it!

This functionality can be activated by using the Robots Meta plugin, but if you are considering a much more robust plugin to handle your SEO as well, then i recommend the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

After installing and activating the SEO plugin, you have to go to the Permalinks settings page, and check the option ‘Redirect attachment URL’s to parent post URL‘. Reading the description beneath this checkbox will help you better understand of what this actually does.

After clicking the Save settings button, just visit any of your posts and click the Refresh button in your browser. Now click on any of the images in your post, you will see that the browser agains reload the same page (which means the linking back to the parent page is working).

These SEO practices will help you in the long run, but people are still lazy to care about these techniques that’s why their site faces a higher bounce rate. After implementing these steps, just wait for a month and see how your bounce rate gets low.

Happy with this tutorial about how to link image to parent post page, then consider leaving a comment and tell us which techniques do you follow to optimise your images for SEO.

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  1. Edward Reply

    Should I remove the link altogether so it won’t open the image in a separate page? I’ll look into the lightbox plugin, too. Thanks for the tip.

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