How To: Make a File Hidden or Unhidden in Mac

Quickly make a file hidden or unhidden in mac with these easy to follow commands. In the previous post we talked about the easiest way to display hidden files on a mac os system wide.

With this tutorial you will learn how to make an individual file or folder hidden and unhidden.

As always we will go with the Terminal method because it is easy and also, you will know how to make use of the command line interface in unix systems better!

So lets get started. Open your terminal in the mac os. I assume you already know how to open the terminal, if you don’t know, check out my previous post, linked above.

Type this command to make a file hidden or unhidden in Mac OS:


chflags hidden File-path


Say i have a file named ‘myfile.exe’ which is in the Documents folder, and i want to hide it, then the command will be

chflags hidden /Users/gautamdoddamani/Documents/myfile.exe

where ‘gautamdoddamani’ is my user name. Please don’t forget the file extension (here .exe). If you want to hide a folder then there is no extension part involved, you can just specify the folder name.

Tip: Drag and drop a file into Terminal, to automatically insert the file path.

How to Unhide a file?

Simple, just change ‘hidden’ to ‘nohidden’ in the command above. Thats it!

End of Tutorial.

After executing the above command, there is no need for you to restart Finder. Just revisit the folder and the file will appear hidden (faded out) or unhidden, based on what you have set.

Let us know if you are finding difficulty in hiding or unhiding a file in mac by a comment. We will get back to you right away! For more such tutorials, stay subscribed!

Source: MacRumors

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    This will surely help me to hide some of my important content on my Mac. :)

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