How To: Promote a Business Using Social Media?

What are the tactics to promote a business using social media? How to achieve maximum SERPS? What is the perfect SMO strategy? I know you all have wondered about these questions, but you won’t get a definite answer anywhere. Today we will discuss the best social media algorithms used by winners and how they found out about it!

The ‘Internet World’ plans to shift from IPv4 to IPv6, signaling to its every user that there are indeed innumerable additions to the current packet-switched internetworking. A new site is born in the internet with every blink of the eye, most lost in the abyss of search engine result pages. Only a few manage to crawl up the ladder and make their presence noticeable. These successful ones (or call them ‘survivors’), mostly chain up with a host of web natives ensuring increased traffic and desired popularity rankings.

It not only assures that the site content is not statically parked, but also creates an intricate niche of social web media which optimizes and boosts the overall performance of it. Remember? ‘Alone u lose, together we win’.

SMO formula to promote a business using social media

Social Media Optimization, as coined by Rohit, simply tags up the above concept. Various others too, of the web marketing family have contributed to the phenomenon. Call them rules or guidelines or simply common sensical ideas, they do help in getting better rewards in SERPs. Rohit’s 5-point formula and others’ ideas are presented in a nutshell. So now lets discuss the ways to successfully promote a business using social media.

1. Increase “linkability” of your site

If u add a blog, or any useful content in a presentable manner, a visitor tends to either tag it or bookmark it. No rewards for guessing! this increases the ‘linkability’ of your site. WordPress saves your time and effort, with share this buttons of Twitter, Facebook and many more, which helps your content to travel farther and faster and is the most effortless way to promote a business using social media. Easily portable and attached files like audio, visual and pdf formats stand a fair chance in this race.

2. Present your content in a nice way

Don’t be self centered, do provide external links, at the same time, acknowledge and reward those with your inbound link – after all it’s a social media family. Also, with mega success of sites like Youtube, don’t have second thoughts about sharing your content. Though the content is strong, interesting and worthy, do not forget to juice up your page’s display and appearance with Wordpress templates or website templates, as display ensures a visitor is hooked on to the page.

3. “Always” create original content

A highway is always a two-way! Simply making your presence felt, even when it doesn’t fetch you much, often pays off. This should not end up in just following. Creating original, authentic, interesting and potential content which can travel quick and with least resistance can give better results to promote a business using social media.

4. Be cool!

As a key note – one should develop their own SMO strategy, after all the careful analysis and situational requirements. For instance, no rule or guideline can suggest what modern design for brochure you need, or what kind of visitors you need to target! So select your own tactics, strategies and best practices in Social Media Optimization scenario. Also remember that Content still rules the roost! Only tactics, strategies, exotic presentation and technological know-how may not be enough to sustain for long.

So what did you think about this tutorial on how to promote a business using social media? Let us know in the comments below and do tell us which was your effective way in sharing content on the social level.

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